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The game is really clean and smooth on pc i dont have issues playing it
But please guys tell me why there is big problem with stats? I know every one talking about matchmaking etc but , the stats are completely -Yoinked!- up, i start like with 2.7K death, i play 20 games of FFA, i die like 8/9 times per game and now i am at 3.2k death, i test and when i restart the game for example if i have 25kills they count me 25 death, they have to fix it and everybody have to complain about this problem wtf is this!
Positives: Reach is back and feels awesome at 60fps. Game currently feels very populated which is amazing. Very happy to be playing this online once again.

Negatives: Not such a huge fan of the UI. Something just feels off about it. I also miss just being able to just CTF instead of having all objective game modes in one playlist. I can live, but some separation would be cool! Lastly, not really digging the ranking system so far. Feels like I'm ranking up pretty quickly and the armor in this variation feels a lot less earned.

Just my two cents. Thank you guys for launching this so smoothly on PC. I had a blast playing today and look forward to continuing!
DMR spawns just don't work on PC with Mouse aim. DMR is already way too strong to be a spawn weapon but when combined with mouselook it becomes abhorrent.

Please remove or reduce the frequency of DMR spawn gametypes on PC please!
Pigmadic wrote:
I've got a complaint on Halo Reach multiplayer. On 4v4 slayer, I'm seeing nothing but matches with DMRs and assault rifles as the default layout. Part of the draw of this game is nostalgic. That being said, can we get a matchup type where we only get either pistols or assault rifles at the start? I'm pretty sure a lot of people asked for DMRs as the default weapons because they are just too lazy to pick up a good gun, so that's why the gameplay was charged. But that takes away from the very nature of the game. The nostalgia is ruined this way. Also, it really takes away from the gameplay when everyone just automatically switches to the DMRs and just headshots. It's kinda lame. It makes every other weapon less useful. I know someone is going to disagree with me here. So that's why I'd like a "class slayer" match up type separate from the DMR only junkies.

Thanks and hopefully we will see this game mode in the future.
Not every match will begin with DMR starts. You'll get a classic slayer mode every now and again with AR/Magnum starts. I personally prefer DMR starts (and preferred BR starts), but I can appreciate you want more variety. I agree with that.
I started to wonder if this was a game that was released before it was fully optimized :(
Audio tracks are out of sync, network optimization and unexplained crashes are a headache for me!
Easy Anti Cheat is preventing me from loading into many maps: Forge World (all variants) is one of them.
Anti Cheat is responsible for the bug as launching in Mod Mode allows me to load into the maps just fine.

This is also not only limited to Multiplayer but certain missions in the campaign and firefight maps are also effected.
Seeing lots of people bring up the keybinding J and V and I wanted to bring attention to this issue:

ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I use a controller on PC. If I want to talk to my team I have to press V on the keyboard. When I press V on the keyboard the game switches over thinking I am now playing with mouse/keyboard. When I return to playing with the controller (press a button / move a stick / etc,) there is an approximate 1-2 second delay for the game to recognize and switch back over to the controller IE the game "FREEZES" for that duration (because functionality is assigned to keyboard/mouse).

For reference I am using an Xbox One wireless controller with Wireless Usb Adapter.

Result: If unchanged, users who use controller on the PC will be unable to communicate or use voice functions unless there is a way to have voice on all the time or with the future ability to bind press-to-talk to the controller.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible. Crouching in this game feels extremely off, you can't crouch unless you're standing perfectly still, I don't remember it being like that at all, you cannot crouch at all unless you are standing perfectly still, it feels very clunky, and the audio also sounds very drowned out and glitchy, sometimes the gun firing doesn't even produce sound at all.


- When using a weapon with two-step zooming (sniper rifle), the "2nd zooming" must be done with Z-button instead of clicking RMB again. It is extremely slow and unpractical when compared that it should be zoomed with just two clicks of right mouse button.
VastarDdog wrote:
Is there only usa servers? No latin american or EU servers? Cuz im from south america and i dont want to play whit 200 ms lag fest
I was wondering that myself. I tried to see if there was any way I could change regions but apparently not as far as I know. I had someone say to me that I was lagging like crazy despite it looking fine for me. I'm in the UK by the way.

Despite it not appearing laggy for me, I feel bad if I appear laggy to other players and makes it hard to play against me. Makes it a little unfair so hopefully, we will have an option to change regions at some point.
I, personally, think that while everything works well and is fun, something needs to be done about progression in Reach. I'm not saying to revert it, but the fact that you can only earn about 21000 experience per match because each of the 3 categories has an XP cap, and at TIER 11 OUT OF 100 I can't even level up at least once after earning the Mac potential amount from a single game, is out of whack. There is nothing wrong with increasing the amount of XP needed to level up each time, but capping XP gain and going so far as to remove things like OG Reach's Jackpot system when it's the ONLY game in MCC that is connected to the Seasonal Rewards is just ridiculous. Nobody wants to grind up to that point to earn what they already got with some new things eventually being added in. Nobody wants to experience the Reclaimer grind again, or the objectively longer and worse grind that is the later SRs in Halo 5. Some Quality of Life improvements would be lovely. Other than that, I adore being able to play Reach again, and think it's been ported well.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Connecting To US Servers instead of EU Servers
  • SUGGESTION: Though EU servers provide a generally better ping than US Server, please consider adding South Africa servers in future. It will be much appreciated.
For Halo Reach PC, I currently can't connect to ANY matchmaking. Just stays on 'Connecting Session' and 'Searching for Players'. When this happens I'm not always able to back out of the multiplayer menu. One time led to a complete freeze, with the game being unable to relaunch from Steam until I restarted the computer. I don't have relays enabled in settings.
EDIT: Just connected to a few players who shortly disappeared, followed by being booted for idling (while searching for a game?!)
EDIT 2: Connected with a full lobby, only for my game to promptly freeze completely again.
Does anyone have a link or Pic of all the Level Icons for ranked
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Multiplayer stats are not updating accurately. Going into player details via the roster, under "Career"->"Multiplayer" the Kills and Deaths show the exact same. Prior to a match it said 111 kills and 111 deaths. After the game (I made 15 kills and had 9 deaths) the score said 126 kills and 126 deaths. Please fix our player stats so they are actually accurate.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo: Master Chef Collection
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I can't play Multiplayer. When game running, I sign up my e-mail and password for xbox play, after when I try to playing multiplayer, game says:''You are not connect to Xbox Live and will not be able to access this feature.''
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: ScreenShot1,
  • Screenshot2,
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: In the competitive playlists, have your rank for that playlist (1-50) shown in lobby next to players names so we can see what ranks other players are. Make the 1-50 ranks more memorable by showing them to other players, that"s what it was all about in the classic Halo days.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo Reach (PC)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: While waiting for matchmade game after a couple minutes it kicked me out for inactivity. I was waiting for your search to go through. For extended wait times, you should not consider folks AFK. I am not going to move my mouse every couple of minutes waiting for a game to start.
TuuMilk wrote:
MCC PC REACHWEAPON HANDLING/KEY BINDS:- When using a weapon with two-step zooming (sniper rifle), the "2nd zooming" must be done with Z-button instead of clicking RMB again. It is extremely slow and unpractical when compared that it should be zoomed with just two clicks of right mouse button.
Most people use hold to zoom. You can see the issue there. All games on PC use a similar feature. If you dont like it then rebind it to something easier to press. You'll get used to it.
when i download a custom game it goes into my private files. how do i make it so it goes into the shared files so other people can see it?
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