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If possible it would be absolutely amazing to get this game to be able to run on linux properly. You can get the game to open properly, but it won't allow you to log into xbox live because it'll have issues loading up the prompt to sign into xbox live. Maybe a workaround is being able to log into xbox live via the steam web browser?
The game doesn't start over the XBox-Launcher... I got to start it via Nvidia experience. Drivers are up to date. The launcher simply doesn't react to starting the game beyond minimizing.

Also please value my restraint to not -Yoink- on you in this post for this insult of a progress system.
Forge map audio is broke.
Yo. I do realise that this is a very small thing for some but for me it makes a big difference. Back in halo reach on xbox360 you could hover over other players and see their spartans. Maybe im missing something but i cant seem to find a way to look at other players characters. I dont want to sound nitpicky but seeing another players badass spartan armour really motivates you to keep playing and get that same armour. Sorry for bad spelling and grammar, English is not my native language. Anyways, thanks 343! Other then that and a few minor things which other people have let you know about, the game is amazing. <3
Scoped weapons are bugged for lowered crosshairs. This was an issue in the flights that still doesn't seemed to have been remedied.

Here is the thread about it on Reddit:
I have to things that I believe need to be re-added to the game:

1) classic infected: infected is the reason I played Reach so much and is my favourite mode so coming back I was so excited to play it again and use my old spots again but this version of Reach only seems to have 2/3 infected modes (alpha zombies and the other one) but not normal/classic so parts of maps are completely cut off, also to do with infected, some truly great maps are completely missing (the forged ones) I don't know if this is due to forge not being on PC yet or what but if that isn't the reason then surely they should be in the map pool.

2) viewing other players spartan's: this was such a great feature in the original game, being able to look through the lobby and see what players have gone for in terms of armour, comparing and the reactions to certain armour that we all had back in the day was soooo good and to not have the feature in the game was quite disappointing, especially given the fact that you guys have put a lot of work into the new unreal engine armour, it just seems like a waste to work to not allow us to see each others armour choices with these new models.
i have issus too. My issus are that i have some sound problems or the sound doesnt hear good(only weapons). I mean the sounds are hearing like out of the 1980s and really they are silent.
and my 2. issus is that my stats dont refesh. At the moment i have 0:00:00 playtime 0 kills 0 deaths etc. after 18 hour of streaming and my rank will drop every time back on lv1 if i close halo mcc.

and my feedback is that my hype has been decreased by the game modes. i want to play normal showdown like slayer pro wiht radar and only the sprinting (i dont like the other perks like stealth etc.) so i need to play the competitiv mode at the moment but i dont really like CTF and KoH. but i know that the xbox 360 version had much rank modes like all other halo´s. i mean normal ranked showdown/slayer pro ; team doubles ; rank swat ; etc you know what i want.
I think to create this game modes are really easy to make. Its like to create a lobby with a bit more work, but thats not a work for more as 1 day i think. so idk why you dont implimentati this on release. i played 18 hours Halo now and i need to say that the most of the time i´m going to be angry because i need to play CTF and KoH. At least i changed to griffball;swat and infected but that´s not long time game modes for me.

So i hope i can help you to fix something and catch my hype and my love back with new old gamemodes. The rest of the game is awsome and i cant wait to play halo 1 2 3 4 and at least halo 5 and halo infinite.
P.s. I am missing Halo 5 at the moment with the movment :P i want already climb something up xD cant wait of halo 2 3 and 5 ;)
and pls make a said activationin in the game. if i am playing wiht controller on pc i cant press V on my keyboard to activate the voice chat (and to bind it on an other key will be pretty awsome)
Keep getting disconnect from Xbox live for no reason, both during games and in the menu, my internet connection is fine so there’s something wrong with the servers

Hello, I have been playing multi platform console games my whole. I can clearly tell that controllers have a large advantage with aiming on MCC PC. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reduce the effect of aim assist. I cant stand that I've been waiting all these year to play Halo with kb and m but the kids using controllers get to auto aim me. The game feels AMAZING on keyboard and mouse. So dont penalize me for using it!!!!

The XP earned per match is capped very low.
For instance, I get 13 kills, with a few double/tripple medals in there and others, I get 8000 Performance.
Or, I get 25 kills in a game of team snipers, I get 8000 Performance... Means I give up and watch youtube half way through a match.
Please increase the cap, also around rank 14/15 it takes approx 5-6 games of good performance to rank up. God only knows what max rank takes.
S8 wrote:
Any one elses audio sound like its under water when in a multiplayer match it does not sound like high def audio at all
Me, sounds like my headset is filled with water.
Yeah my voice is clear and normal but my weapon sounds are hearing exactly like that.
wyrm57 wrote:
MCC HALO GAME: Reach PCISSUE/FEEDBACK: Multiplayer stats are not updating accurately. Going into player details via the roster, under "Career"->"Multiplayer" the Kills and Deaths show the exact same. Prior to a match it said 111 kills and 111 deaths. After the game (I made 15 kills and had 9 deaths) the score said 126 kills and 126 deaths. Please fix our player stats so they are actually accurate.
Yeah dude idk what is wrong with stats and achivments on pc i mean i had streamed for 18 hours was lv 10 on ranked closed the game and im back to lv 1 and my stats after 18 hours playing are 0:0:0 playtime 0 kills 0 deaths etc. idk what is wrong.
I'm not able to connect to any multiplayer session on Halo Reach, every time I queue up for match making I get stuck in an endless loop of searching for players, connecting session and then failed to connect. I don't know what the problem is but I only own Reach and not being able to play multiplayer games is getting a bit frustrating
  • Lack of Halo Reach MAPS in competitive playlist
  • Lack of Halo Reach GAME-MODES
  • Ranks from original Reach are not used, the new ones are boring - it was so cool seeing the cool looking higher rank symbols like mythic, forerunner, inheritor...etc...
  • Audio sounds off, the important stuff is too quiet; for instance, when I shoot my gun, it is quieter than my breathing sound when I run
I would really love to play on mainly Halo Reach maps and gamemodes, rather than constantly seeing maps from other Halos.

I've played reach since it was first released and even bought the legendary edition, so I love this game and I think I have a good idea of what it needs.
Dude you said exactly what i am feeling of the game. i mean the new version of the game isnt feeling like the old. sounds are bad of weapons, playlists are terrrible and the season pass idk. i dont love the game like you, my favourits are halo 2/3 and halo 5 becasue i dont like perks like stealth amory etc but ok its your taste ;D but we play a shooter and we havent good weapon sounds (for exsample halo 5 weapon sounds ????? <333333333333333333 they are awsome)
iMOBashir wrote:
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Can't crouch whilst moving - I know it was like this on console version but why wouldn't you fix this on halo reach PC, literally every PC game ever allows this to work? and I'm sure players could do this on halo 5 console so why can't we do it here on REACH PC - makes gamemodes like swat feel pretty weird.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: FPS and mouse feel - a simple port isn't the benchmark for a game like this, the actual benchmark for fps and mouse feel is csgo/quake live etc - even the new Modern warfare plays and feels 100000% better than this REACH PC. Mind you though playing on windowed mode 4:3 ratio low res feels all right, do you guys have a hidden vertical sense different to horizontal sense or something, playing it on full screen just feel like -Yoink- it's crazy.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Hold to pick up a weapon - I know it's like this on console but PC players are good enough to allow a simple tap to pick up/swap weapons on the ground - we dont have the time to use index finger for holding E I'll rater quickly tap E and go back to pressing D if I need it. Every hardcore FPS PC game has it as tap vs hold - can we get an option?
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Default controls - pretty good default controls I changed middle mouse 3 as nade and mouse 5 as melee but the rest is perfect well done
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Chat window default key - why wouldn't you copy LoL and bind the chat window to return? So players can simply press return > type > press return to send a message. It's like 1000% better than binding it to T Y or J (personal issue - not that much of a big deal)
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: I've been playing on low volume for these first few hours but so far it sounds pretty off, everything sounds muddled up.
  • EDIT ISSUE/FEEDBACK: Leaderboard can't look around whilst it up on screen - when I press TAB to look at the ingame leaderboard I can't look around with my mouse, the whole screen is fixed until I release TAB - a small issue but pulling up the LB usually shouldn;t interupt my movement but it does currently.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Overall great game thanks again for porting it, I wanted to fund you guys since you deserve it so I bought it on steam. But in all honestly I really thought halo PC was going to change the FPS PC landscape but really the way the mouse/fps feels makes it too -Yoink- as a hardcore competitive game, I really hope H1 and H3 feel much better than this on release.
I'll add to the list the more I play but this is first reactions.
The J key is a big deal to left handed gamers because some of us use it to interact, and others use it to strafe left. This would be great if they could unlock all key binds
Halo MCC Game: Halo Reach
Feedback: DMR's seem a little bit over preforming. Can't even take a single step out of spawn with out getting pelted by DMR rounds and honestly why use anything else when the DMR can kill in 4 head shots but takes a entire AR magazine to just pop shields.
That sounds more like the AR sucking than the DMR being OP.
ISSUE/FEEDBACK: My only complaint is the weapon model and crosshair. Would it be possible to have the weapon model in classic view and the cross hair centered? Having the weapon model centered takes up half the screen, blocking visibility.
Well here is my feedback is pretty simple actually.
  • ISSUE/FEEDBACK: There is no region priority for the servers it seems. I'm a North Europe player yet it doesn't matter if I play at 2PM, 7PM or 4AM I always get put on US servers for 80% of the time. 4AM I can understand but midday? Everything is half a second later for me because of this and it's making the game really hard to enjoy when I am disadvantaged because for some reason I get put on US most of the time even though I play from North Europe during Peak hours for Europe
1. The new menu isn't bad per se, but I miss the colorful old menu from XB360, with the gunfire and everything in the background.

2. Campaign is great, but the multiplayer experience is leaving me wishing for the old days. The unlock system doesn't feel rewarding, like, not one bit. Seeing all that armor locked behind boring (yes, as in LACKING the flavor of the old rank system) seasonal ranks leaves me with major FOMO. I want the system to unlock at my own pace, a logical tree of unlocks that I can get with in-game credits. I want to earn armor by playing the campaign too! Not feel pressured into waiting to connect over a patchy server to play a game, unlock an unlock, repeat.

3. Customization in Reach was a deep experience. It was rewarding. All players had a good idea of what it took to unlock that armor set - the rank, credits, etc. It's not as bad as the REQ system, which made armor virtually meaningless, but getting armor doesn't feel like an achievement anymore.

Also, I saw that the old credit system was apparently "optimized for XB360 architecture". Dudes, the entire GAME was optimized for that architecture. Exact imitation of the UI elements aside, if you can port the whole campaign over, I don't see why you can't rebuild a reasonable semblance of the credit system. Players have a bad taste in their collective mouths over season/battle pass/multi-exclusive/random unlock systems.
All things considered, I'm having fun and it's doing quite well considering it's a remastered port of a 360 game on release day. :)

But please, for the love of LASO, rework the unlock system? Make it like the old one? I can't remember hearing a single person who asked for this. Nearly anyone who's commented on it has asked 343 to fix it.
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