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[Locked] MCC Patch Notes - 1/29/20

OP Postums

Hey Friends,

A new game update went live today which includes additional options for Social Matchmaking, additional game content to support events in February, and several bug fixes to areas as it relates to accessibility and stability, as well as improvements to reporting tools behind the scenes.

We know there’s still a sizable list of improvements the community has been vocal about requesting since launch. Many of these issues (PC & Xbox) were known and on the team’s radar prior to launch and some others didn’t surface until the game was out in the wild. With each small patch that doesn’t address these larger lingering issues (i.e. the audio problems some players have experienced) we know it can lead to frustration and disappointment across the community. Please know that the team has been steadily attacking a slew of bugs while also working on quality of life improvements and working towards a larger patch for MCC that will be next up on the release schedule. This will likely entail another flight for Reach as well. We appreciate all the feedback and tickets you’ve filed, and we thank you for your continued support and patience as we work to bring the remaining five titles to MCC on PC.

Here’s the full list of everything included in today’s update:

New Features & Content
Details for the New Features & Content section can be found below in the design update section for rotational playlists, featured content, and events for the month of February.
  • Featured playlists in Match Composer
  • New nameplates for future events
  • New upcoming Matchmaking content
Accessibility Bug Fixes
PC Only
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the spacebar would search for a player while typing a Gamertag in the “Find Player” prompt.
  • Fixed bugs where pop-up messages were not read properly by Narrator & Xbox Game Transcription.
  • Fixed bugs button prompts were not read properly by Narrator & Xbox Game Transcription.
  • Fixed bugs where on-screen text was not read properly by Narrator & Xbox Game Transcription.
General Fixes
  • Fixed a rare crash related to player stats and leaderboards.
  • Reduced some excessive diagnostic reporting to improve performance.
  • Improved player reporting on dedicated servers when identifying potential anti-cheat violations.
To learn more about this update and how development is going on MCC, please check out today's blog HERE. As always, we will see y'all online.