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[Locked] MCC Patch Notes - 3/3/20

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Today, March 3, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (H:CEA) joins Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) on PC and is available for download. To learn more about how you can get in on the action, click HERE. A breakdown of the new features and update size can be found below:

New Features
  • New spartan customization 3D model viewer for H:CEA.
  • A new option in your settings to toggle between either the classic Halo: Combat Evolved (H:CE) multiplayer audio or updated H:CEA audio when playing multiplayer.
  • Halo: Reach has an all new crouch-while-moving behavior added specifically for mouse and keyboard players.
  • The Main Menu’s background video has been updated to celebrate H:CEA joining MCC on PC.
  • Message of the Day (MOTD) has been added on PC to help you stay informed and learn about the latest and greatest things going on in MCC!
  • The option for you to set your controls and key bindings on a per-title basis.
  • Ability to view connection speeds to the datacenters for dedicated used in Online Matchmaking. To view these from in game: Select Options & Career > Select Settings > Select Network.
  • Push-to-talk voice chat and a key binding option have been added. To bind these keys in game: Select Options & Career > Select Settings > Select Controls >Select Configure Mouse & Keyboard > Set the desired keys
  • Updated zoom controls have been implemented for all titles. An in-depth breakdown of this feature can be found in the MCC Development & Flighting Update for 2/21, HERE.
  • Additional Competitive and Social matchmaking options for H:CEA.
Game Install Size and Version
Please see the information below to ensure you have proper disk space to install each title from your desired store platform as well as are on the latest update.
Latest Version
  • The latest version of the game is 1.1384.0.0, to find the version number (Full KBA).
  • To update your game if you are not on the latest version (Full KBA).
Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)
  • 3 GB install size.
  • MCC Bundle Owners: A 12.1 GB update with both Halo: Reach and H:CEA being about 43 GB installed.
  • H:CEA Owners: A 15.7 GB download for a total of about 17 GB installed.
  • Halo: Reach Owners: A 20.4 GB download for a total of about 31 GB installed.
Resolved Community Issues
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Significant improvements have been made during flighting in February. For a full list of resolved flight issues, please head over to the MCC Development Update for February. Below are additional issues resolved issues:
  • Improved game stability resolving several crashes.
  • Player became invisible in a Ghost by boarding the vehicle while entering a teleporter.
  • HUD positioning better reflects legacy.
  • Respawn beep sound effects have a lower pitch than in legacy Halo: CE.
  • Multiple remastered sound effects playing in H:CE multiplayer when set to “Classic.”
  • Added ability to set primary and secondary weapon in custom games.
  • Sometimes controller vibration continues when pausing the title.
  • Player name appearing during camouflaged states better reflects legacy.
  • Plasma projectiles from Type-25 Spirit are now aligned with the turrets.
Halo: Reach
Can’t Crouch While Moving: The way crouching and moving worked in Halo: Reach when it shipped was currently true to the way it worked in the original game on Xbox 360. This has changed. Players now have the option to crouch while move when using Keyboard and Mouse
  • Animations and help bar are missing when exiting a multiplayer match in Halo: Reach.
  • Occasionally, inputs from a controller on the Pause Menu will not be reflected in Halo: Reach multiplayer and campaign.
  • Audio is silent or too quiet during intro cinematics when playing from mission to mission.