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Welcome to the dedicated feedback thread for MCC's Season 5 on PC.
  • Campaign Feedback
  • Multiplayer Feedback
  • Firefight Feedback
  • Misc/Other Feedback
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's Season 5 on PC. When posting, please include as much detail as possible to include:
  • MCC HALO GAME: please specify which game within MCC you're providing feedback for
  • FEEDBACK: please be as detailed as possible.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: If you have a screenshot, game clip, or other supporting material, please provide the link in your post.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
  • MCC - General Quality of Life
Split Screen!
I know it's a long-term plan for 343, but I want to vocalize how important this is to me. My PC is my primary machine for multiplayer, I have four Steam controllers, a Steam link, and many friends who get excited that I have Halo until I explain that the version I have isn’t on the same level as the console. No one likes having the inferior copy of a game. With the love for custom games through all the new Forge options, I don't get many opportunities to play them outside of split-screen. I don't care if it uses Xbox guest accounts, duplicates of my accounts, or supports multiple Xbox accounts, I just want local multiplayer. While working on split-screen, it'd be nice if firefight, Spartan Ops, and the Campaign gained that same 4 player split screen functionality now with less technical limitations on modern consoles. If the Xbox One can’t support this feature, it could serve as a Series X feature. I'd beg for the same on Halo 5 but it doesn't seem to be getting that MCC love.

Avatars in Halo Waypoint
Avatars don't have a lot of functionality as it is. To give them more worth, it'd be great if unlocking them allowed them as profile picture options here in Halo Waypoint. Let me be condescending Lord Hood!

Unlockable Backgrounds:
With each theme being built-in, yet unused, and challenges and season points becoming more accessible, it'd be nice if we could spend Season Points to unlock background themes, including the backgrounds of past Halo titles; 2 for each Halo game and its MCC variant, an extra for the Halo 3 ODST Multiplayer Disc, the MCC Yappening, Flood, Winter Warthog backgrounds, and gold MCC, all making for a total of 17 different themes and an option to shuffle your favorites.

Revamped Achievement Menu:
With more unlockables, the player needs more opportunities to gain XP and Season Points. Achievements have little value in-game and the achievement menu is hard to navigate, so it'd be nice if it received a makeover to have better accessibility and added XP to coordinate with each achievement's gamerscore value. Each would feature their achievement logo, achievement Xbox art, and whatever items they unlock for the player. Additionally, this would hook new players who just started MCC with a slew of one-time season point unlocks to catch up on each season. With a visual of what they unlock, it's a perfect opportunity to add more content to coordinate with achievements too!

- The "No Picnic" achievement could grant the player a new chest piece permutation:

- The “GOOOAAAAALLLL!” achievement could grant a soccer ball skin for the Battle Rifle in all available games.

- The “Scarab Lord” could grant a Scarab/Hunter themed Plasma Rifle, with the black elements based on Hunter worms while the rest is based on the physical armor of the Scarab or the hunter.

- Getting the four Chips Dubbo achievements unlocks the character in both Reach and ODST’s firefight.

Refine Score and Grant XP for Campaign Missions
The algorithm for this could be tricky in keeping each mission fair and preventing the player from exploiting the XP system. Many people recommend converting scores directly to XP but this would cause problems for players who take their time and for short missions where players could grind for XP repeatedly. Alternatively, the resulting XP should be the score divided by a per-mission integer based on that mission's par time. After the time limit is exceeded in a mission, additional points gained should be dropped down to 1 instead of 0, so the player's efforts aren't in vain and so drastically punished. A small amount of XP is better than no XP.

Increase Medal Consistency (and add and Spartan Strike Medals):
Many medals don't cross over from game-to-game or multiplayer-to-campaign when they could. Additionally, Bungie.Net has exclusive Halo: Reach medals that can still be supported in modern day. The Swiss Army medal from Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike (where you kill enemies with at least five different weapons) would also be a fun medal to add wherever available. The assist (for helping NPCs) and oddball skull medals are also unavailable in Campaign and could be fun additions for score runs.

Career Completion Turns Gold:
With the added content throughout MCC, the gauge for completion currently exceeds 100%. While cute, it leaves little for the player to know how far actual completion is. As an alternative, it'd be cool if the UNCS logo filled in with a gold color past excess completion.

Enable Flashlights/Nightvision through Gametype Options:
While the various models may not have canonical sources for a flashlight (such as the Halo 2 and 3 elite models nor the Halo 3 armor options), their functionality could still be used in the multiplayer engines. As an option under "appearance", they could be set to "disabled", "enabled", or "always on". This could lead to interesting Infection gametypes where survivors have a constant flashlight disadvantage.

Extra Controller Options - Vehicles
Reducing vehicle sensitivity for controllers may make them easier and more accessible, but now PC users have an upper hand in being able to turn and correct their vehicle with more speed, a toggle to enable and disable it would be appreciated. Additionally, the Steam controller can't function with the reduced sensitivity in vehicles. If this is difficult to implement, then allow users to customize stick controls specifically for vehicles. Since strafing is only possible for a handful Covenant vehicles, Legacy would make it far more accessible for Steam controllers.

Extra Controller Options - the Duke
"The Duke" Halo CE control scheme is not accurate to the original Duke controller, as the bumpers' functionality needs to be swapped. It'd also be nice if the control scheme was made universal: armor abilities, equipment, and VISR would be left bumper, right bumper would swap grenade types whenever possible. In Halo 4's case, sprint would be the right bumper, while the D-pad would be for swapping grenades, or in Halo 3, activate the flashlight.

Extra Controller Options - Per-button Grenade Swapping
Voice chat as an option isn't universally accessible without a headset, leaving its functionality nonexistent. It'd be nice if alternatively, each D-pad direction (or for PC users, any key input) would change to a specific grenade type (up for firebomb, down for spike grenade or pulse grenade). In Halo 3 and Reach's case, whatever button that would formerly serve as the grenade swap would gain the flashlight and Nightvision.

Extras Library:
To the main menu of MCC would be added an option for accessing each cutscene, terminal, Halo Nightfall episode, gun description, cut content, legacy credits from the original Halo games, and the Model Library from Halo CE: Anniversary.
Forced Elite/Spartan Teams Gametype Options (and add Invasion to other Games?)
Halo: Reach implemented something genius in its design of using Spartans and Elites with the functionality of its gametypes. With the addition of visor colors for Spartans in Halo 3, there aren't a lot of opportunities for players to see their elite models, so having gametype options to force and differentiate between the two, their stats, loadouts, etc., would be a nice way to integrate a mostly unused aspect. One of the best ways to do that would be adding Invasion to these other games! It'd probably be less refined than in Halo Reach, but having a basic hill, bomb, then flag in Halo 3 would be so fun.

Use Visor Colors for Elite Eyes
Both Halo 3 and Reach have inferior Elite customization compared to the control over the Spartans, so allowing visor colors to apply to the eyes (or helmets for certain permutations) of the Elites would help balance them out.

Bring All Captions to the CE: Anniversary Standard
One of the unappreciated yet incredible accessibility options of Halo: CE Anniversary are its captions, in a legible font of white/black outline while fitting Halo's art style and covering all dialog. Halo's dialog is hard to understand, with alien accents, military voice filters, and gameplay/lore importance. To make matters worse, certain captions, Reach in particular, have a poor font that's hard to read: a thin yellow with little outline. Halo is how my dad and I bond, but he's hard of hearing so he can't access a lot of the Halo experience.

Legacy Map Variants:
While Halo CE and Halo 2 don't support Forge, that doesn't mean they lack the potential for map variants; Halo CE has differences between the Xbox and PC's weapon layouts, while Halo 2 has variants depending on the gametype, Relic gains or loses a ramp, for example.

Lite Installs:
Halo 2: Anniversary's file size is huge with the beautiful cutscenes, but since a majority of the modern graphics work fully with the classic animations, "Lite" versions of available games would be appreciated; Both Halo 2 and Halo CE would have their Anniversary graphics using the Classic animations, Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer, Halo 2’s and Halo CE's Anniversary graphics could be uninstalled separately from their classic games (allowing accessibility to those with lesser hardware; tab and back buttons would do nothing consequently) and lastly, Halo 4's Spartan Ops Cutscenes could be entirely removed.

Steam Workshop support
343 has been pretty eager for the community’s future with modding, so if 343 accepted player submissions through the Steam workshop as other games, this would allow Xbox/Windows Store versions to receive content they wouldn’t normally.

  • MCC - Enhanced Customization
Perpetual Ranked Season Unlocks
There's a lot of critique behind how the ranked skins are handled. The biggest problem is the reality of the unlocks; While those who are talented deserve to show off their achievements, keeping it in a time restriction per-season is unrealistic for these challenges. Especially with how luck is involved in matchmaking and disconnects. For me, it doesn't give me incentive to try. Why should I work hard for a goal that's going to expire before I can reach it? Keeping a goal that's always reachable will give incentive to even the worst player, a dynamic that's healthy for all ranked playlists. I'd like to think that the Endure challenge was in the same situation because it required three other players: luck of having three other people with an identical time frame and three straight hours to kill. However, the CE Golden Weapons, the Halloween nameplates, and the Romeo/Buck wounded and bug spattered helmeted variants didn't have that same problem because they provided realistic opportunities for all players within their limited time frame, regardless of skill. Great players can earn them casually in challenging gametypes, lousy players can grind in a custom Firefight match, little luck is required for both.

Weapons Maintain their Skins
Like in Halo 4, if a weapon or vehicle has a skin from a previous player, then when picked up, it shouldn't change. That way a player's decision in skin bears more weight and allows them to show it off to other players. Additionally, it would grant the player more opportunity to try other skins in-game for deciding their own cosmetics.

Weapon Skins use Enhanced Materials
Both Halo 3 and Halo CE feature skins that utilize special rendering tools in the Unreal preview which are absent in-game, as every weapon and vehicle skin use the same materials as their default counterparts. Changes include
-Making gold skins far more shiny,
-Great Journey skins use the classic Covenant carapace-like surface,
-Black Cherry and Corrosion skins should look far more rough with little shine,
For Halo CE, many of the skins would definitely require a fix of the classic graphics.

Add Player Emblems to Models Excluding them
A common request on these threads, Halo CE, 2, and 2A, all lack player emblems. While CE never included them from the start and could be relatively controversial, it'd be nice to have that extra layer of customization of our characters.

More Female Customization Options
Gender customization is exclusive to Halo Reach, 3, and 4, it'd be nice if it could be added to CE, 2, and 2A. In 2A, it could use the Halo 4 female body, while in CE and 2 it could simply reuse female voice clips from Campaign NPCs. I'd recommend a female Rookie model for ODST, reusing Dare's model and adding Rookie pieces to it, but I don't know if that compromises the integrity of the game and character identity (even though Rookie is a blank template).

  • MCC - New Skull Options
Cross over each game's Skull when possible/Add them as multiplayer options:
Many of the game specific skulls can function across games. For example, acrophobia is functional in both Halo CE and Halo 2.

Per-player Skull Options in Campaign
While not possible for certain skulls (such as IWHBYD, Iron, or Mythic), it'd be cool if whenever in a co-op game, skulls could be enabled or disabled on a per-player basis. Experienced players with newer players could give themselves more of a challenge without compromising the new player's experience. Additionally, non-host players can have some control over their play session. This would not affect scoring.

Add Skulls to Games Excluding Them
My biggest disappointment in Halo ODST, Reach, and 4 is the lack of skulls to hunt and find. The worlds in each game are definitely big enough to hide little treats like that, especially in Halo 4. I don't care if they unlock anything, I just want that cute tradition to be brought back. Additionally, the skulls in Halo CE Anniversary would be updated for the classic game and be changed to the multiplayer variant. This would allow oddball medals to be earned in each campaign.

  • MCC - Matchmaking
Multiple Size Selections in Matchmaking:
Having the option to connect through any size game could prevent long matchmaking times, while allowing size specific gametypes like Infection and Big Team Battles to be generally accessible.
Give Firefight the Social Games Matchmaking Menu:
Sometimes, I just don't care what game I play for firefight. Adding a similar matchmaking menu to that of social games would provide more opportunity for gametypes excluded from matchmaking. It could include
- Firefight Limited,
- Firefight Doubles,
- Generator Defense,
- Action Sack,
- Firefight Versus,
And, just like in Social matchmaking, there could be weekly gametype cycles, such as Shotty Snipers, Fiesta, Anniversary Firefight, or Swat Firefight.

And Add Spartan Ops to Matchmaking Too
Playing Spartan ops solo is annoying as it's counterintuitive to its design, so adding it to Firefight matchmaking would be nice for those of us without friends. If it's added to the menu recommended prior, then Action Sack gametypes could include specific loadouts, player traits, or skulls.

"Any Game" Option for Ranked Matchmaking
The amount of time it takes to get in a match for competitive Matchmaking is a recurrent problem. While the solution expands beyond small steps, allowing the player to connect to any match regardless of the game or game type would be an improvement. Especially for players like me who just play Ranked matches for the weekly challenge. This additionally allows the lesser played games to have more play opportunities for the diehard fans.

Players Joining Active Social Games/Swapping Teams
Players quitting mid-match is a pretty common problem so being able to join a friend's lobby who's outnumbered would be a nice touch. Then the player would no longer have to wait for that friend to finish the game in order to join that lobby. Additionally, if a team is uneven, a player on the other team should be able to take pity and change teams. 3v3 on an 8v8 map is far more fun than 5v1.

Forge Variants to convert 8v8 Maps into 4v4/8FFA Variants
In my copy of Halo 3, in Avalanche, I used wall pieces to divide the map in half so the players play solely on the left side and it is an absolute blast to play on with fewer players, especially since asymmetric nor vehicle friendly maps aren't as common in smaller matchmaking sizes. This same design aspect could be applied to many maps in Forge, and add more map opportunities in matchmaking.

And Add More Forge Variants
The Community Forge Social games have easily been the most fun weekly playlist. All the Forge updates have added so much fun to the game, but the standard Social matchmaking lacks this experience. Big Team Battle with the Anti Air Wraith, the Pelican, the Reach Air Strike, and Firebombs would be an absolute chaotic blast in Big Team Battle. While those elements aren't particularly very balanced and may require extensive forging, the automag, silenced smg, and brute plasma rifle don't have that same problem yet they're all missing from map variants outside of Recon Slayer. Additionally, many map variants exist solely for the sake of one gametype that would be an absolute blast for others. It'd be nice if 343 went through each of their existing forge variants and found opportunities to implement the new elements while adapting them to as many gametypes as possible. Doing this may lower the forge map count that 343 cycles through in Matchmaking (which is well over 200 variants).

  • Halo CE
Fix shader_transparent_generic and other issues:
A lot of integrity of the original Xbox version was lost due to Gearbox's port. Now that each game is ported and playable on PC, many of the original bugs can be the focus for major Quality-of-Life updates. The community has documented many of these bugs and errors and differences in various sources.

Add Halo Anniversary's lost Kinect Functions:
The original Halo Anniversary offered an ability to scan objects. Doing so would add that model to the Library with a brief description of that object. Its input on gamepads could just parallel that of Halo Reach's night vision and Halo 3's flashlight (and maybe add that functionality to the classic graphics too).

Restore Lighting and Effects in Anniversary
Halo CE Anniversary highly differs from the art style of the original game. While beautiful, there are many minor improvements that could be applied. Remodeling is far too extensive, but the lighting can be adjusted to more appropriately match the original version, especially in the Library and 343 Guilty Spark missions. Elite Shields don't flicker on enemy shots so it's difficult to tell if they're shielded or not. Shields beyond Elites additionally do not flicker (a bug present in the Gearbox port), and neither does Cortana shift in colors as she should.

  • Halo 2
Add Support for Classic Halo 2 Community Gametypes:
While modifying classic Halo 2 code should be avoided whenever possible, the classic online Halo 2 experience isn't fully preserved4. Many community gametypes aren't available and would be fun Action Sack additions (or infection for a certain case).

Gold Aggressor Sentinel beam Fix
The textures of the golden Aggressor Sentinel beam in the Anniversary graphics are identical to the standard Sentinel beam, unlike the classic graphics. It'd be nice if it had more gold and blue colors so the player can tell the two apart. It'd also make for a fun, yet overpowered multiplayer option, similarly to the Fuel Rod Cannon.

Restore Halo 2 Content in Halo 2 Anniversary
The lack of maps in Halo 2 Anniversary is staggering, it'd be nice if the original maps were restored. Preferably recreated in HD, but Forge variants are better than nothing. Additionally, the inclusion of the Spectre (whose framework already exists through the Halo 4 revenant), the various Elite Armor cosmetics from the campaign, and Spartans options sporting the Halo 2 ODST, CE Anniversary, and Halo 5 Spartan Locke armor options, would all do wonders for Halo 2A. I'd also pay for a Halo 2 Anniversary map pack in honor of Halo 2's original map packs.

Fix Forge Lighting
With how few maps Halo 2: Anniversary has for multiplayer, it's common to find forge maps for it. While it's cool that it fits Halo 2's color palette nicely, maps are so dark that it's difficult to see. The shadows should be brighter and the contrast lowered to be more accessible.

  • Halo 3
Add Customizable Lights
Something that can be customized in Halo Online are colors of player lights. Since the secondary and tertiary color changes are so subtle, it would be a nice addition.

Expand Starting Grenades in Gametype Options
Despite having the most grenades, the gametype options for them in Halo 3 are very limited. It'd be nice if we could individually select or randomize the quantity of Frag, Plasma, Spike, and Fire grenades in gametype settings.

Flood Tech Suit for Infection:
Halo 2A and Halo 4 both feature specialized cosmetics for Infection, it’d be nice if, with the new techsuit options, a hidden fleshy, veiny techsuit was activated for this gametype.
Fixed and Enhanced Antenna
The Security chest for Halo 3 was originally an accessory of the Security helmet, allowing it to be applied to every chest piece. However, in the most recent update, it was made a standalone chest piece, taking away from that preservation. To restore it to be used with multiple chests AND multiple helmets, Halo 3 could add a new cosmetic option for Accessories; This would allow the player to apply the antenna, flaming head, or katana to any chest piece, without the specific restrictions. The only problem is if they would fit with the Halo Online cosmetics, so as an alternative, each standard Halo 3 chest could have categories and variants like in Halo Reach.

Halo 3 Plague Rat Skull:
Everyone loves the Halo 3 rat, a skull to replace infection forms with rats would be a hilarious way for 343 to recognize the community's relationship.

ODST Skull:
Since they use identical engines, allowing the player to play as an ODST would be a cool twist on the existing formula (and, if used as mission starting weapons, provide opportunity for the Automag and Silenced SMG in the Campaign)

Heretic Banshee Skin
The skins for UNSC weapons and vehicles have been incredible, but the ones for the Covenant are simply color swaps. It'd be nice if the classic Halo 2 Heretic Banshee was added as a skin option.

Starting Equipment Options
Halo 3 has a lot of options for gametypes but lacks starting options for equipment, so equipment options would be a nice touch for some creative custom game opportunities. Additionally, adding a “random” starting option would be nice for both equipment and armor abilities. Give me more Fiesta insanity.

Halo 3 ODST Armor in Halo 3
Halo 3 has the ODST helmet but lacks any other accessories. It'd be nice if the classic chest, shoulders, and legs were added, as well as Romeo's unique shoulder and each trooper's unique helmet.

Halo Online Elite Armor:
All the Halo Online cosmetics are incredible and I'm grateful that they're being preserved, but it'd be nice if Elites got the same love. Especially with new skin options, parallel to the Spartan techsuit. Additionally, to help fit the new armor in the old art style, some of the textured details could be removed, and first person arms also need to be updated.

  • Halo 3: ODST
Reuse Halo 3's skins for Firefight
Since Halo 3: ODST uses the same models and engine from Halo 3, it'd be nice if skins unlocked for Halo 3 were also unlocked for ODST's firefight.

Expanding ODST Cosmetics
With how restricted Halo 3: ODST's customization is, player's character choices tend to blend. I don't know if it's possible, but it'd be nice if the player could customize their individual armor pieces: left arm, right arm, torso, legs, and helmet. In the Recon Season, the helmeted variant would unlock these pieces, while the helmetless would unlock the character (changing the voice, head underneath the helmet, and fingers). If a player finished the Endure challenge (as this expansion would render the reward for that useless) they would receive Endure nameplates and unique Avatar. If armor expansion isn't possible, granting Visor colors would be a nice alternative, adding the transparent visor from the campaign cutscenes. As Buck and Romeo got more cosmetic options, it'd be nice if Veronica Dare could wear her busted helmet from the campaign too (maybe as an alternative unlock to Endure completion, in honor of the original Vidmaster challenges?)

Firefight Versus:
Since Elites are included in ODST's engine, this would grant an opportunity for Firefight Versus in the same way that Halo: Reach offers it; Red team would play as three ODST troopers, while a single Elite would be on blue team with the Elite using the player's Halo 3 cosmetics. The gametype should additionally be functional in matchmaking.

Further Firefight Vehicle and Weapon Options
ODST's firefight options lack many of Halo 3's weapons and vehicles as starting options, it'd be nice if they were all added, alongside a random vehicle option (which would randomize a vehicle per weapon drop).

Flood Firefight?
A common request from the community and a popular mod, adding Flood or individual waves of Flood to firefight would be a blast. If it's not possible to modify individual waves in the future, then it could serve as a general gametype option, where players would select if they want Flood, Covenant, or both alternating (so the flood would clean up fallen Covenant. Gross.)

Engineer Firefight
Vergil didn't have a lot of presence in ODST's gameplay, so adding an option that adds a friendly Engineer to firefight would be fun, where the players only lose on the death of the Engineer. If the formerly mentioned matchmaking design was added, then it'd be put in the same category as Generator Defense.

  • Halo Reach: Firefight
Cut Firefight Content:
A "schism" behavior type, drones, and guta, were all cut from Reach firefight, but function as intended.

Additional Enemy Variants
Halo Reach features Heretic Elites sporting UNSC weapons, but no other covenant who do the same. It'd be nice if they gained those same variants. Zealot Elite squadrons are additionally excluded from Firefight.

BOB Firefight Encounters:
And with Zealot Elite variants, the only ones missing are BOBs. However, unlike the other Elites, they wouldn't be set up in the Firefight wave options. Instead, every Elite would have a 1 in 1365 chance of having its shiny BOB color (golden Rangers, white other variants). Killing it grants an exclusive nameplate, a hefty amount of XP, and the Seek and Destroy medal from

Lone Wolf in Firefight
There isn't a lot of map variety in firefight, so the Lone Wolf map from the campaign would be a nice touch. However, Firefight maps have safe zones built in for the player to spawn, while Lone Wolf was explicitly designed to be unsafe, so more structures would be needed. Additionally, with its more open spaces, adding a vehicle would compliment its gameplay.

Customize Vehicles in Firefight
Unlike Halo 3: ODST, you cannot customize and choose vehicles in Halo Reach despite the game having more Vehicle maps.

Firefight Voices from ODST
I absolutely adore Dutch, far more than Buck. He might actually be my favorite character in all of Halo, so It'd be cool if the ODST voices were recycled as Firefight voices in Reach.

  • Halo Reach: General
ODST Variants
With the addition of Halo Reach cosmetic categories, it'd be neat if the ODST Chest received its own category and variants with a grenade belt, prosthetic arm, and other options.

Forced Armor Effects per Gametypes
I've noticed people avoid using armor effects outside of Birthday Party with how they affect visibility, so like how colors can be forced, it'd be cool if there were gametype options for forced armor effects, no armor effects at all, or unchanged armor effects. Pestilence in Infection, Legacy on VIP, and None in Ranked games would be incredible.
Invasion Added to 12 Player Matchmaking
Invasion being limited to Ranked matches adds a tense environment, keeping the player from learning the game in a casual setting. Since 12 player Social Game sizes only have Infection, it'd be a good opportunity to include Invasion while renaming that player size from "12 FFA" to "12 TEAMS", since neither Infection nor Invasion are actually Free for All gametypes. Because Invasion supports so few maps, it'd also help if 343 Forged more map variants for it; Ridgeline, Breakneck, Tempest, and Highlands all have the physical space to support those player counts. High Noon and Condemned can support that count at the very maximum. They may not be as balanced as the existing maps, but that's fine outside of Ranked's need for balance in its competitive nature. The casual setting could additionally allow player choice for colors, rather than team color restrictions, thanks to the cosmetic differences between Elites and Spartans.

New Weapons
Halo: CE Anniversary allowed for Reach gametypes with a buffed magnum. It's pretty restrictive outside of specific gametypes, so for consistency, adding Halo: CE's magnum as a new weapon would be a good alternative. Additionally, there's an incomplete variant of the Sniper Rifle featuring a laser sight. While its differences are purely cosmetic, (maybe add Halo CE traits and a silent shot?) it would be a cool addition.

Cut Armor Abilities
This addition is more controversial, as it changes the balance of the game, but there are several unused Armor Abilities in Halo Reach: the Ammo Pack, Power Fist, Repulsor, Sensor Pack, Super Jump, MP Pulse, and Shield Generator.

Halo 4: Spartan Ops
Add Spartan Ops Videos as Prologue Missions
I didn't see the icon for the Spartan Ops Episode videos until after I started the missions and was halfway through completion, leaving me lost in terms of story and characters. Adding them as mission prologues akin to the other Halo games would streamline their accessibility.

Spartan Ops Playlist
I've been playing through Spartan Ops for the first time and navigating the menus to find where I left off is very cumbersome. It'd be nice if Playlists were added to help the player keep track.

More Spartan Ops Options
Spartan Ops lacks the options in both campaign and Firefight, leaving it behind in comparison. It'd be nice if it featured scoring options from the campaign and gametype options from Firefight (such as player traits, enemy traits, life count, custom loadouts, etc.). Naturally, only a default gametype would grant progression for completion and achievements.

Ordinance in Spartan Ops
Many Support Upgrades and Tactical Packages support ordinance drops, leaving players who chose them for their loadouts at a disadvantage in Spartan Ops. This also balances out despawns for power weapons in gameplay segments that require them.

Allies for Solo Users in Spartan Ops
The original Spartan Ops were designed as a cooperative experience, and if a person didn't have friends, could instead matchmake online through Xbox Live. This is no longer the case for MCC, so to balance it out, it'd be nice if for each player unavailable, a Spartan NPC would be added. Their armor and gender would be randomized, while their colors would be based on an existing player. The loadout would be either preset in the game options, based on one of the different players' loadouts, or be randomized. They would not revive so their deaths are permanent, and their behavior would be to follow the player whose color they matched. Finally, Miller won't be bragging about his powerful Crimson team of one person.

  • Halo 4: General
Halo Online Armor Abilities:
Halo Online features some powerful armor abilities that I would have recommended for Reach, but I realize they may be better in Halo 4's sandbox. These include the Concussive Blast (a physics blast against all nearby objects dealing no damage), Lightning Strike (boosting melee speed), Reflective Shield (reflecting Melee damage received), and Vehicle cloaking (only usable inside vehicles turning them invisible). They compliment many tactical packages, support upgrades, and player's choices in playstyles, all while preserving Halo Online's history.

Spartan Ops Tiny Skull
A recently discovered Halo 4 bug, in Spartan Ops, all enemy models are tiny. While frustrating as a bug, some of the community would love to see it preserved.

Playable Elites
As Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer uses a modified engine of Halo 4, it'd be cool if Elites were backported, using Halo 4's Elite models and armor variants, all with increased color saturation to the same degree as Spartans for more recognition.

Techsuit Color Customization
In the Campaign, Master Chief sports a black underarmor exclusive to singleplayer. While this isn't a new concept, it'd be nice if a third color option was added to customization so the player could modify the underarmor.

Dual Wielding?
Further reusing content Halo 2: Anniversary content without either game losing their individual identities, it'd be nice if Dual Wielding was added to Halo 4. However, rather than modifying the game itself, it would be added as a either Tactical Package, a gametype option, or, for singleplayer, a skull option.

Less Severe Weapon Despawn Time
The dropped weapons in Halo 4 despawn rapidly, and it’s ruthless on higher difficulties when trapped in segments where specialty weapons are needed. I've killed enemies whose weapons despawn on kill, leaving me defenseless. Loadout weapons could be the exception to decreased despawn times.

Harvester Multiplayer Map
The Harvester Map from Spartan Ops would make for a really unique and fun multiplayer map in its layout and aesthetic.

  • Adding Further Unused Content through Skulls
Bang Skull: (unused skull from Halo: CE Anniversary)
All weapon sounds are replaced by 343 employees saying the word "bang".

Shield Flood Skull: (based on unused enemy from Halo 2 and 3)
All Flood Carriers are granted jackal shields, making them more powerful.

Banger Infection Skull: (based on unused enemy from Halo 3)
All infection flood forms explode.

Third Person Skull (unused skull from Halo 3: ODST)
The camera is now over the shoulder at all times, rather than a first person view.

And Final Thoughts…

Many of these feature recommendations have one intent - complementing existing gameplay elements and each other. Not just throwing ideas at the wall and seeing what sticks as is easy to do in feedback threads. MCC is designed for game longevity, so adding features in per-game waves with the intent of complimenting each other gives those particular games a longer lifespan. I genuinely don't expect any of these recommendations to be added as features (minus the split screen, please please please don't bin it), it's just a fun creative outlet I enjoy and love to see other people discuss. I don't think the MCC team will see this feedback or try any of it out, I imagine you guys have enough sheets of designs and concepts to try for MCC's longevity, but I still greatly appreciate the easy-access way for us to play pretend game designer on the forums. Thank you for the platform! I’m loving MCC’s development.
Even with the Halo 3 skin toggle, the old meshes for legacy Halo 3 armors are still damaged and look like amateur VRChat frankensteining jobs. It really saddens me to see my favorite game in this state.

Post patch images :

Prepatch images, but all of this remains true and it helps illustrate the problem :
  • MCC HALO GAME: all games
  • FEEDBACK: Coop is still not playable even with all the Microsoft troubleshooting steps.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: The game was advertised as having coop, simply including it is not enough, it needs to not kick everyone within 25 mins of playing, stutter, and freeze every .5 seconds.
Still misplaced btw. Just use the original character models. The character models in the customization menu don't even represent what your spartan actually looks like in game.
Hey, I was trying to get the Mister Chief helmet but nothing happens when I assassinate the Elite, does that happen to anyone else?
Hey, I was trying to get the Mister Chief helmet but nothing happens when I assassinate the Elite, does that happen to anyone else?
Yes this is happening to me to I have done it several times on legendary and heroic and still nothing I’m not sure of a way to fix it so hopefully 343 fixes the bug.
  • MCC HALO GAME: all of them
  • FEEDBACK: midrange still a problem, having them be headshot able makes them insanely broken. balance the weapons so they are not the best things in the game, allow for variety and incentivize use of different weapon types so all the games dont become power weapon and midrange stalemates! also fix the projectile problem in halo 3, literally kills off all of the plasma weapons because they can't travel as fast as bullets!
It would be VERY nice if scroll wheel jump was more consistant.
  • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
  • FEEDBACK: The original Halo 3 armor does not fit the new tech suits. When using the original shoulder armor this is especially obvious. The shoulders have a bit that juts out at the back, making it look incomplete, and there are parts of the shoulders that are missing. I’m assuming the missing pieces must have been a part of the original tech suit. If you could resize the tech suits when using the original Halo 3 armor and none of the new armor, or if you could bring back the original tech suit, rather than only having the 3 newer resized ones, then this issue would be probably be resolved.
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: Here are some images of the broken and missing bits of armor:
  • This has been a problem since when the new tech suits were added. I am surprised a fix wasn’t put into this update since I think the problem is very obvious, especially when looking at the shoulders, and especially when using CQB shoulders.
Thank you for taking the time to read my feedback. I hope it helps you continue to make improvements to MCC and provide a game and a service that all Halo fans can enjoy.
Have performed "Because You Begged" several times and the unlock has not popped. I already have the associated achievement. Would like to be able to get the helmet...

For reference, I am using the jump at the beginning of Pillar of Autumn and breaking my fall by assassinating the Elites below. It is definitely a high enough drop that I die if I don't land the assassination.

  • Halo Support Feedback
  • Halo Waypoint Feedback Forum Feedback
FEEDBACK: Please make clearer guidelines for requests in the Halo Support site

Many of the requests I've made recently have been closed with this message:

"After discussing this with the team, we'd like to direct you to the forums. We welcome feedback like this and have a greater structure for accepting and responding to this type of feedback at"

The issue is that most of such requests have little to nothing to do with feedback and are clearly MCC specific bugs. Many of which have been addressed as such by the Support Agents.

For instance:
  • Vehicle Explosion Physics disparities with Legacy Halo 2 and MCC
  • H2A MP overheat sounds are stopped by meleeing in certain weapons
  • Vanishing Decals and Map Geometry in Halo 4
  • Dead bodies cannot be moved by melee in Reach Firefight Matchmaking, but they can be moved by explosions
  • Misplaced effects for Slipspace Portals in Halo 4
  • Flickering shadows under the Citadel in level "The Covenant" (Which are nonexistent in Legacy Halo 3)
  • AI behaviors in Halo Reach differing from the 360 version with reproductible steps
  • Misaligned Active camo model in CE Anniversary Graphics
  • Missing map geometry in Halo 4
  • Hovering Jetpack and Skirmisher Landings in FF Matchmaking
  • Cortana's oversized head in Halo 2 Anniversary Graphics
  • H2C Vehicle destruction physics do not function like OG (Ghosts erratically hover and explode in OG H2 they just blow up in MCC)
  • Jackal Shields in FF Matchmaking are invulnerable to melee, Campaign/Custom Firefight Jackals work normally
  • H2A Campaign, Plasma Rifle has visual bug on Heat Gauge near green tank in level Oracle
And many more...

What are the new guidelines for posting an issue here or in the Support Site? Where should disparities with Legacy Halo games and missing content be reported then? And what about in-game technical issues, why have they been closed?

Aren't all technical issues supposed to be reported in the Support Site? Since it is written here.
Postums wrote:
The purpose of this thread is to gather suggestions or general feedback related to MCC's Season 5 on PC.
For all technical issues, please make sure to head on over to Halo Support site and find out if it is a known issue. If not, please submit a ticket
There have been multiple Support Agents that have closed my requests like this so it cannot be tied to an individual either. Many of such requests were investigated and treated as bugs before. Why is now any different?
Misc/Other Feedback

MCC HALO GAME: General/Input

FEEDBACK: Allow more precise mouse sensitivities. Currently you can only change your sensitivity by tenths (1.2, 2.5). The standard for most PC games allows precision to atleath the thousandths (1.238, 2.495). This under-appreciated feature is huge for players with a lot of playtime on other games with more precise sensitivity values. For example, I've played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a sensitivity of 1.25 for over 3 years, never changing it. If I were to convert it to Halo MCC it would be roughly 1.238, but I have to settle with 1.2 which admittedly doesn't seem like much of a difference but when you've been playing with the same exact sensitivity for 3 years across multiple games it feels rough.

ADDITIONAL INFO: In the GameUserSettings.ini file (C:\Users\[user]\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor) there are lines that you can edit to seemingly change your sensitivity more precisely and you can even use something like Cheat Engine to change your sensitivity with anti-cheat disabled. Unfortunately editing the .ini file doesn't work. I've spent a few hours testing the .ini file and there have been a few times where the new precise sensitivity works but it reverts back to the in-game setting after quitting to the menu, or even going back into the settings menu.
In Halo 3 I have the classic toggle enabled. I don't see any Halo Online armors or Halo 4 undersuits, however the default undersuit is still the Halo 2 Anniversary one with the weird foot and shoulder issues rather than the original Halo 3 undersuit. The update promised that the toggle would enable a fully classic look, so I'm going to assume this is a bug.
I'm really looking forward to how MCC is gonna develop throughout this year but these are some suggestions/ideas/requests that i think would be great for the longevity of this game.
  1. A walk button for keyboard players ( key bind could be set to ''alt'' by default for example).
  2. Double xp weekends for certain games that have a low population ( this should incentivise people to play these games in a not ''forced'' way).
  3. Spartan company integration with Halo: MCC.
  4. Exclusive spartan company cosmetics unlocks ( similar to how we get the achilles armor set in Halo 5, it can be a lot fun to grind with the company and it's a way to show more devotion towards the game. Now this can also be done with some sort of linear spartan company season pass, giving a specific challenge for the spartan company to grind and unlock the next tier for example).
  5. The option to use the spartan company's emblem and to not use any emblem on our character for all the games.
  6. Preview of the emblem on our character in the customization menu for all the games.
  7. The option to use our own multiplayer character from all the games as a avatar.
  8. The option to change the light color from the armor of our character ( Similiar to how it worked in Eldewrito).
  9. Old customization option for all games ( Poses and armor effect for example).
  10. The option to change the color and resize the hud in each individual game.
  11. New non-scoring skull that let us use our multiplayer skins and spartan in singleplayer ( Only available with classic graphics for Halo: CE and Halo 2).
  12. Add the Acrophobia skull to all games.
  13. Allow skulls for custom games.
  14. Post match screen with our characters.
  15. Daily challenges.
  16. The option to change the main menu background.
  17. The option to change the Multiplayer announcer voice for all the games.
  18. New multiplayer announcers ( Similar to how Halo 5 got Yap-Yap and Buck as announcers for example).
  19. Optional unified scoring Hud in multiplayer for all games.
  20. Matchmaking for the campaign in all games.
  21. Spartan Ops should be in the Firefight menu.
  22. Firefight in the main menu should be rename to PVE or something along those lines if Spartan Ops makes it's way into that menu.
  23. Commendations menu alongside with new commendations rewards.
  24. A vote to forfeit option for competitive.
  25. A vote to surrender option for competitive if a player leaves the team and doesn't come back within a amount of time ( I personally think that it should be 30 secs or 1 min when the option to surrender appears).
  26. A vote to time out option for competitive.
  27. Map voting for competitive.
  28. Some sort of overview of your stats during the current season for competitive.
  29. A community vote option for the next competitive mode rotation.
  30. A minimum level/tour requirement for competitive ( I personally think that tour 2 should be enough).
  31. A rejoin option for social games and/or remove the penalty for leaving social games.
  32. A community vote option for the next social game mode rotation ( with the PC file share coming soon, this one have some huge potential to be really fun and award players for doing matchmade games instead of customs).
  33. Per game IBMM option ( I personally dislike Halo: CE aim assist, i don't mind the other games in the collection though).
  34. Implementation of Halo Online music into the game.
  35. A in-game option to report a player ( Afk and griefing players are starting to appear more and it's a hassle to report them outside the game).
  36. A party up option after a matchmade game is over to search the next game with your current team.
  37. Keep rewarding players with season points after they hit level/rank 100.
  38. Bot support for all the original multiplayer maps.
  39. If bot support make it's way into MCC, add a matchmaking option to prioritize servers with a better ping or servers filled with players ( If the player chooses to prioritize servers with a better ping, then filled that game with bots).
  • Halo: Reach MP
  1. Allow the use of firefight voice in Multiplayer ( only audible for you and your teammates for the sake of balancing).
  2. New visors and weapon/vehicle skins.
  3. Tech suit options.
  4. Invasion game mode in social games.
  • Halo: CE MP
    1. Playable elites ( Resizing, animating and hitbox are the main issue here i imagine).
    2. Better spawn points for almost all the maps.
    • Halo 2 CLASSIC MP
    1. New visors and weapon/vehicle skins ( I understand that Halo 2 coding it's not the best but it's the only game in the collection with the least amount of customization).
    2. Add the cut content ( Suppressed smg and the handheld GPMG for example).
    • Halo 2: ANNIVERSARY MP
    1. Some small lighting improvements for all the maps (some of them are just too dark in some areas).
    2. New visors, armors and weapon/vehicle skins ( Besides classic Halo 2, H2A feels like there's not enough in terms of customization).
    3. New maps.
    4. Different tech suit options.
    5. The addition of some Halo 4 Forge items.
    • Halo 3
    1. Vehicle skin for the elephant.
    2. Arbiter armor for the multiplayer.
    3. Adjust the Halo Online armor color ( they are darker compared to the original armors).
    4. Elite armors from Halo Online ( Since spartans are getting the Halo Online armors, might as well give the elites some).
    5. Option to change the elite species ( Halo online had a different looking elite compared to Halo 3, it would be interesting if we could change between species).
    6. Halo Reach and Halo 2 : Anniversary Multiplayer spartan tech suit.
    7. The addition of Halo online maps.
    8. First person view models for arms and legs should also change when using any of the new armor pieces.
    9. Make some skins like the Gold AR more shiny in game ( comparing some of the skins in game to the menu version can give a sense of misleading).
    • Halo 3: ODST
    1. Allow the use of Halo 3 weapon/vehicle skins in firefight.
    2. NMPD officer character for firefight.
    • Halo 4 MP
    1. Add descope for competitive ( the scope flinch feels ineffective).
    2. Add the cut content to forge ( revenant for example).
    3. Some sort of big team battle playlist with the new pelican and broadsword could be a lot fun, it can even be some sort of juggernaut playlist.
    4. Mark VI MOD armor for the multiplayer.
    5. The addition of some Halo 5 armors ( Helioskrill and Achilles for example).
    6. The addition of Halo online and Halo 2 : Anniversary Multiplayer maps.
    7. Tech suit options from Halo 3.
    8. Playable elites ( Could try to use the elites from Halo 2 : Anniversary Multiplayer ).
    9. New customization menu ( It's not up to par with the other games in the collection).
    10. The addition of some Halo 2 : Anniversary Multiplayer forge items.
    Most of the focus on these suggestions/ideas/requests are for a unified and consistent experience for all the games in the collection because i feel there is a disconnect between all games when it comes to the customization and overall HUD. Now obviously, the original experience should still be in the game as well for those seeking a legacy experience, so some of these suggestions/ideas/requests should be approached carefully.
    • MCC HALO GAME: Halo 3
    • FEEDBACK: Hello, please can the original mesh be added back to Halo 3 for multiplayer Spartans. The new "gen 1" tech suit doesn't look like the Halo 3 one. I understand that there is a toggle for the new Halo Online armor pieces however the original mesh has been removed and currently can't be access through the menu.
    • ADDITIONAL INFO: I'll leave a link to a older picture I made highlighting some of the differences however it's of course most noticeable in game. On the left is Master Chief from the campaign (his model has remained unchanged) and the my spartan post season 5 update via the character customization screen.
    If you've been able to have a look I and many other Halo 3 fans would appreciate a comment on this as some player simply wish to have the Halo 3 vanilla experience on PC at 1080p 60fps or above.
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