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Mcc terrible matchmaking (PC)

OP dovershaun117

Has anyone else who plays alone on pc experienced rarely if ever getting team DMRs on slayer and been matched with the absolute worst teammates I’ve ever seen. I usually always get bad teammates which is ok I don’t really care but it seems like recently maybe over the past couple weeks they’ve somehow gotten even worse while I’m constantly been matched against full parties. Idk if it was some update or what could someone please tell me if I’m just complaining or if someone else has experienced this. Also, most of my team quits when I get into a match and the ones who don’t are just AFK the entire match
4v4 Team Slayer had it's gametype weighting changed drastically due to player feedback recently. DMR Slayer now only appears 25% of the time in that playlist. If you would like to play DMRs 100% of the time AND to have teammates matched to your skill then try the new competitive slayer mode.