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Mouse issues unless making specific changes


I've noticed mouse issues consistently however i've managed to fix them only by doing very specfic things in the settings to get rid of it feeling "off".

60 fps cap
Vsync on
windowed mode
Mouse Accel to 0

and then changing these values in the ini config files: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini to zero:

Only after doing this did i notice my mouse issues completely gone.

"all [?] set to 0: LookAcceleration[0]=0.000000
all [?] set to 0: MouseAccelerationMaxAccel[5]=0.000000

I managed to play the game back at outpost discovery and E3 and didn't have any issues at the time that i noticed, on my own PC it's severly hampering my ability to enjoy the game and by only taking the above steps (or maybe only some of the above actually works) did i notice and improvement. Thanks!
it seems like from everyone i have talked to its an issue with the networking which i dont understand why the inputs would have anything to do with networking at all. also vsync creates display latency so id recommend not using it and sticking to free-sync or g-sync also i believe those settings only affect the menus which are built in unreal engine and not the game. the game is still running in BLAM engine and is a separate entity
Thanks for posting your settings, I followed your steps and it seems like my aim feels smoother now.