Afternoon to you all. Heres a question id like to pose to the devs for MCC on PC. I have my original game on CD and the original product key for it still. Is there a way you can make it to where we can enter in our old keys to activate the game on Steam when it releases?
You mean like the original Halo CE?
You mean like the original Halo CE?
Yes. I played it hardcore back then on the PC and still have my key. Paid the $50 for the game then too. It would be great if i didnt have to spend on CE again. The rest of course im gonna buy..
Since this is the Anniversary edition not the original, I wouldn’t count on it.
Not the same game... You're going to have to pay for the new work that has been done
Ya i suppose that is true. It is remastered.. would be nice though :D
Since it's porting over Anniversary (which is amusingly itself a port of the PC version) and not the original game you still have to pay. Not that I have a problem buying Halo CE again.

Though it would have been cool if I could have brought in my original CE Xbox disc to get a discount or something back in 2011.
Halo Reach offered a CE nameplate that you earned by entering in a valid Halo PC product key. It would be cool if they created an exclusive nameplate that could be earned in MCC that could be earned in the same manner. As for redeeming a product key for the full game I don't think Microsoft is gonna go for that.