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Please include Nvidia 3D vision support


Please Please Please work with Nvidia to provide great support with Nvidia 3D vision platform! It just brings me goosebumps to think of what these game could be with superb 3D support and Nvidia 3D vision 2 has been a great platform for 3D support across multiple games. Just thinking of seeing a plasma nade fly through the air at you and stick you on the visor in high convergence setup would be so awesome. Also you could look into providing a 3D feel through HTC Vive/Oculus VR setup as well even more immersive that could be
I would really love to see Nvidia Ansel support.

Obviously, 3, ODST, Reach, and 4 already have theater, but I really want to get the ability to render out screenshots at higher resolutions then your display supports that Ansel offers. Or maybe 343i can get theater mode to have that functionality internally, though that still wouldn't do it for CE and 2.
Well, just yesterday Nvidia announced they're ending support for 3D Vision next month.
Just saw that! Incredibly frustrating, damnit nvidia