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Request: Replace H3 Swat Magnum w/ Automag

OP wrayhalfway

As a SwatHead it seems like every lobby I come across collectively groans when the game loads and it’s H3 Swat Magnums on Blackout or Construct. Hit reg feels random and someone inevitably quits.

Seems like the Automag from Recon Slayer has gotten a (very rare) positive reception, and it makes a lot of sense to me to replace the clunky/inaccurate H3 magnum with the Automag for these Swat variants. Would feel much more like Swat and much less like some ill-conceived Action Sack variant.

Honestly, that’d be super dope to see. The auto mag feels nice to use, would love to see it in swat.
Isn't that what Recon SWAT is?
recon swat has silenced smgs as well
Surasia wrote:
recon swat has silenced smgs as well
Ah fair enough. I only recently experienced "Recon" modes in the ODST release. :)
Hard agree. Swatnums always feels like RNG SWAT and the Automag has at least a touch more accuracy
The auto mag would be great in SWAT, would really like to see the communities feedback on them switching that in place of the magnum
Yes, please. SWATNums is probably one of my least favorite modes in Halo 3 MCC, it's honestly really frustrating and feels so incredibly inconsistent. Replacing it with a gamemode where there's consistent ability to shoot opponents would be amazing.

Honestly, if we can't get SWATNums removed, I'd request that we be allowed to select which SWAT subtypes we want to play. SWATNums is just so unfun to play.
Automag seems perfect a replacement for the normal magnum for this, so I'd have to agree.