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@Ske7ch: No Splitscreen for PC [at launch]

OP Auraven2572

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So many lost opportunities in MCC. I think it would have been a massive viral hit if the first game in MCC (Reach) launched with splitscreen, custom game browser, and a completed forge mode. I feel like MCC shot itself in the foot, but I doubt 343 cares because they're about to sell tons of copies of halo infinite.
MCC could shine so much more if they eventually add it in! Not to mention the potential to utilize Steam's Online/Local play mode, where a player can stream the game to someone somewhere else, and play with them. (I have a friend that lives quite some distance away, and only has a low-power Macbook, we do this with a lot of games on my steam library.)
come on 343..when will we get some split screen news? i tried nucleuscoop but it doesn't work.
same here split screen when
i tried nucleus coop the other day but it crashed when clicking play on the app, got no help from discord channel or reddit sub so i tried universal splitscreen and that worked great, so i think if you have issues with nucleus coop (it's pretty buggy), try universal split screen instead, the great thing about that is it doesn't do the hacky stuff nucleus does like creating symlinks (creates a copy of the game folder for each player).

universal splitscreen just allows you to assign controllers to each player and also has a handle close option to close the open handle in the game exe that stops a second instance of the game launching. which is for anyone who doesn't want to search for it


you just have to paste that in the handle box.

you have to create a 2nd live account for player 2 and you need the steam overlay on (i think), you then go to the xbox site and sign in one profile, search and add the 2nd gamertag, then log out and sign in to the first again and confirm the friend. Then you can find the friend on the mcc and invite.

All you need to do is open up two game instances, use the app to assign a controller to one window and then another to the other window, resize them and boom....splitscreen.

will do me fine till they add native splitscreen...(when/if that ever happens)
Ok, all games are complete, time for splitscreen?
This should be one of their biggest priorities now. Come on 343, let's get split screen!
yeah, it's time to move it from "in backlog pending further discussion..." to "in development"
Drahicr wrote:
yeah, it's time to move it from "in backlog pending further discussion..." to "in development"
I fully agree its time to put split screen in development
I'd just like to chime in support for Split Screen on PC.

I have so much nostalgia from playing through the entire original Halo franchise, but I've long been without an Xbox console to run it. Now-a-days I mostly play on PC and use Steam-Link to stream to my TV if I want to play some couch co-op with friends. So I was at first ecstatic to find that MCC was coming to PC, I was just about to hit purchase, ready to invite a bunch of friends over for an epic game night....and then I saw that split-screen co-op wasn't included. It broke my heart to hear that this wasn't something the developers thought people wanted. I'm glad to see that it has now at least made the "in consideration" list, but you should know that it's THE most important aspect for a lot of your fans; myself included.

I sincerely hope that you are able to bring split-screen to MCC (PC). You can take all my money if you do, I'll fork over whatever you ask.
Bought the game today, spend significant time linking my PC to my TV, ready to play couch co-op. I get to the fancy title screen with minimal errors. I find it is not immediately obvious how to add a second player, but I am used to this, it's a game collection after all with lots of complicated options for your Spartan and Live account. After some searching I arrive here to find that this PC release cannot do what the original Xbox could 19 years ago. Immediate refund on Steam. I share all of your frustrations, I'll buy it again when 343 get it sorted.
-This PC release cannot do what the original Xbox could 19 years ago-
You're totally right, this is so frustrating...
found my way here too, thought I'd add my voice.

what the -blam- 343, why do you make halo if you don't think people play it?
Still have barely touched MCC on PC after seeing this feature was left out... still waiting.
we need split screen. my young bother is growing up to right age to start gaming. i need splitscreen
Guys, 343i
Mcc full on PC = Pizzaa XD
not full yet, but we are waiting...
that was a promise!
Love - Peace - Pizza for all...

Quote - Every next halo would have split-screen
Any word on this yet? I see they've finished releasing all the games in the collection. Sure would be nice to dive back into each with full FPS in a co-op run. Especially 4 where it absolutely STRUGGED in split screen.
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