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[Locked] Splitscreen yet on pc?

OP Equilibrium7249

Does it have split screen yet? Read something about "the dev's not being sure itll support it" but what I dont understand is if an xbox with way weaker hardware can do it. Why can't my pc? It works with the mod, but if my internet messes up. Or my idiot roommate reboots the modem like he loves to do, that ruins it. And it's just very frustrating that they almost seemingly gimped the pc release on purpose just to get people to buy more copies.
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  • Idle System Improvements
  • Split Screen on PC
  • HDR Support on PC
Probs once everything is finished.
It's either not happening or isn't going to happen for awhile
I hope the feature isn't eventually abandoned. Playing online just isn't the same. And co-op is a great way to convince friends to buy the game for themselves, if Microsoft need a financial incentive to continue development.

As a matter of fact, playing CE on my friend's original Xbox back in the day is what got me back into gaming.
Not too long ago, they gave a list of all the features planned to be completed in 2020. Split screen did not make the list and was listed at the end of the backlog, so I thinks it's safe to say that we won't see split screen enter active development until at least early 2021.