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What additions to MCC would you like to see?

OP The Elite Elite

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No more timed unlocks with ranked multiplayer.
ronnie42 wrote:
Would love to see:
Halo Online maps.
Halo 4 dlc maps.
An improved report system, better afk system for booting.
Maybe include Spartan Ops matchmaking for players wanting to play certain missions or random.
Maybe they could include some more Halo 2A map remakes.
Also wouldn't mind if they included a Halo 3 firefight Flood firefight and the ability to play Halo 3 maps on Odst and vice-versa.
nailed it (don't forget mod support though, which is being worked on)
No more timed unlocks with ranked multiplayer.
I have spoken out against this - I have issues with the implementation of the unlocks rather than the ranked-tied unlocks themselves. For example, more balanced matchmaking makes these unlocks more enjoyable and fair.
- Graphical fixes for Halo:CE that were broken since the PC port
- Sound fixes for Halo:CE, such as the plasma pistol (I didn't see if it was fixed or not, it could already be fixed and I didn't see)
- Cut content being ported is always awesome to see. I hope they port armor and maps from Halo Online if they have the assets from it.
- This one's going a little off topic, but Halo 5: Guardians ported to PC, even if it isn't added to MCC.
- Here's a weird one that I would love to see: In some games like TF2 there is an option that allows you to switch what side your gun is on (i.e. the trigger is on your left hand rather than your right). If 343i does that, I will buy a hat and eat it lol
Split screen
I would like to see the Classic maps like Bloodgluch, Sidewinder, Coagulation just a few to mentioned
An actual skill-based matchmaking system in multiplayer, so that a single player won't be able to get 90% of the kills/objectives of their team while everyone else gets stomped.
May be an unpopular opinion, but Season 2 of Spartan Ops
gauntlet99 wrote:
May be an unpopular opinion, but Season 2 of Spartan Ops
Ah, I had such high hopes for that mode after Halo 4’s release. It started off a bit rough, but the last few episodes were solid. I think a season 2 would’ve been much improved. So sad that it never came to be and it resulted in a completely rushed ending of it’s story at the start of Halo 5.
Server browser
Mod support
  • Season 0
Contains items normally locked behind events, seasonals, and other challenges. They're not available until some time has passed since their regular unlock methods went live (e.g. Seasonal unlockables from season 3 are available here with the launch of season 5)
After reading the newest weekly dev update, i feel the urge to quote repost this from my feedback thread.
I think a place where all the seasonal unlockables rotate in some time after their season to be unlockable with season points would be better than letting those rotating to be unlocked or not by the players who didnt got them
ronnie42 wrote:
Halo 4 dlc maps.
H4 DLC Maps have been in the game since launch, we're still missing the dlc armor tho
Stuff I Want
  1. All Halo Online Exclusive Maps
  2. Halo Online Weapons, Vehicles, & Equipment
  3. Halo Online Elite Armor & Remaining Spartan Armor
  4. H4 DLC Armor
  5. Elite Armor Sets in H2 Classic MP
  6. Custom Campaign Playlists
  7. Spartan Ops Matchmaking
  8. Custom Spartan Ops (Give it the ODST Treatment)
  9. Per Piece Customization for Reach Elites & H4 Elite Armor in H2A MP
  10. H4 Weapons & Vehicles (Maybe Maps?) in H2A MP, and Vise Versa
  11. CE Tutorial Map Officially Included as part of MCC
  12. More HR Spartan Attatchment Combinations
  13. More Menu Customization & Better Lobbies
(Didn't mention Mod Support, Server Browser, or PC Splitscreen as that's already confirmed)
Here's some ideas for mcc
I know some of these have been talked about recently, but I thought I'd leave them in.1. Forgeable Weather effects like rain, snow, flood spores, ect.
2. Forge option to change maps skybox
3. Forgeable walls that only let certain teams walk through them.
4. Walls that can be seen through one way, but not the other.
5. Power ups that make you shrink and grow
6. Forgable ladders, slippery Ice, conveyer belts,
7. more breakable structure pieces, objects and structure pieces that can catch fire/spread fire/burn up (maybe have a object option toggle for this)
8. More objects that float in water and can hold a players weight.
9. option to disable barriers and kill barriers in forge.
10. maps, equipment, and gun variants from Halo Online be added to Halo 3. I assume MS owns the rights to HO so I wouldnt see the trouble in doing this.
11. Silenced guns In H3 not showing up on radars would be great for customs
12. gametype option for proximity chat (Halo2 had it)
13. option to have more than 16 players in a game
14. 1st person spectating in H3 (would help spot cheaters)
15. Forgeable walls that can be shot through
16. Option for The vip in vip gametype to use special bipeds/characters (think like the vip being sgt johnson)
17. Flashlights in multiplayer (for spooky custom games)
18. button to turn on/off headlights on vehicles that have headlights (for spooky custom games)
19. option for alpha infected to have special biped/character (alpha infected could have the body of a tank flood form)
20. spot light thats operated like a turret but can't shoot (think of a dark spooky map where one of the humans have to spot the infected with a spot light so the other humans know where to shoot)
21. shared forge pallet for every map
22. Better party system
23. Halo 2 clans for all games
24. option for custom games with one life if player dies their removed from chat/ voice chat
25. add gametypes to H3 such as race, head hunt, gun game, ect
26. non detachable turrrets
27. Reach lone wolf map in mp
28. Allow game hosts to kick players in game
29. toggle to allow vote to kick in custom games
30. allow controller users to mute people through text chat
31. push to talk button on controllers
32. allow team to hear you when voice channel is set to all
33. population counter
34. vote for gametype/map or option to veto map/gametype picked
35. firefight maps usable in mp and forge
36. option for host to change players teams in game
37. option for host to revive player in game (in game modes with limited lives)
38. option for host to mute a player for certain amount of rounds
39. option to play as your odst in custom games
40. custom game option that let's host select whether players use a spartan, elite, or odst per team
41. using controller being able to crouch while walking
42. custom key binding with option to double bind
43. vehicle teleporters in h3 forge
44. The ability to rejoin a matchmaking game you got disconnected from
45. Option to only have certain weapon/vehicle skins active (i only care for the hd skins and a few vehicle skins)
ronnie42 wrote:
Halo 4 dlc maps.
H4 DLC Maps have been in the game since launch, we're still missing the dlc armor tho
I was probably referring to the matchmaking at the time or maybe I mistyped since I could have meant to type armour and said the wrong thing probably. Either way I can confirm that Halo 4 dlc maps have been there since launch because I have the original Xbox One MCC booklet with all the maps that were at launch.
Would Like The Following For "CUSTOM GAME HOSTING!":

1.Fix forge so we can remove and add kill and soft barriers and place them anyplace we want.
2. Fix Betrayal Boot. So when it is enable it will work. Right now it does not work.
3. Custom Game Browser and have admin commands to kick, ban users "IN GAME!"
4. Map Voting for Custom Game Hosting ( 5 maps max in listing )
5. Some type of Auto map rotation for people who host games.
6. Dedicated Server for MCC PC
I'd like them to overhaul the ranking system so rank is more consistent with skill level. At the lower end I get matched with players that should be a lot higher than they are quite a lot and then I outperform players over 10 levels higher than me. I'm pretty sure it's more than just smurfs because it happens so often.
Well, my dream would be Halo 5 but I know it's a very difficult task and the 343 MCC team is small.

I would love to see customizable menu backgrounds (maybe music too). Maybe some kind of character/ written lore entries to help new players understand the story better. The ability to watch the story cutscenes again without playing would be welcomed.

I know it's very low on the priority list, but it would be awesome to be able to watch Nightfall on PC.
I just want all cut content.
Halo 4 dlc.
Elite customization in reach.
All Halo Online armor, especially elite armor.
A proper clan system ingame instead of spartan ops on waypoint.
Being able to display our MP characters in player detail rather than the avatars.
Full modding tools/support
Replace the MCC H2 skill system with the Halo 3 skill system for ranked playlists.
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