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What are you looking forward to the most?

OP Shveed

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I just want to enjoy good old halo with nice graphics and hopefully plenty of players on pc !
Whats better than to grind Team Swat or to sweeten your evening with a nice private zombie lobby !??
But to be honest the thing I'm looking forward the most is the email, that I can join the flight program and play asap!!! :D
Terg500 wrote:
Playing the journey of the Master Chief properly and being able to finally finish the fight on the PC. I'm gonna start with Reach, then go all the way through HCE, H2, and finally Halo 3, in chronological order.
No ODST and Halo 4? I'll buy and play them nonetheless if only to have the complete MC collection. ;)
Well... I like ODST, but I find it kind of wonky in regards to continuity. I mean, the primary enemies should have been Elites, not Brutes, since the Covenant forces left on the ground were from REGRET's fleet, and Regret was pretty good pals with most of the Elites. Truth, on the other hand, well... you can see where this is going. Also, the fact that we never got to fight Brutes on Earth in Halo 2's campaign alongside Elites makes the sheer number of Brutes in the campaign seem out of place. I know they were reusing resources from Halo 3 for the game, but they could have easily used Elites and set them to be on the same side as the Brutes.

As for Halo 4? I like the story between Chief and Cortana, but I feel that the gameplay is kind of... off. The multiplayer was... meh, and while the campaign was better than the multiplayer, there was still something that felt off about the gameplay. I don't know what it is. Although, I love the level Composer, which feels the most like a classic Halo level, and I loved being able to fly a pelican WITHOUT it being an easter egg. That was cool. And the Mantis was fun to use, and the fighter jet sequence was pretty awesome too. I guess my problem is the stupid Promethean watchers. I hate those things. They're worse than the Flood, because at least the Flood can't resurrect other Flood that you've completely destroyed. I also hated how I kept running out of ammo so quickly for just about every weapon, especially since ammo reserves were reduced YET AGAIN for every weapon, and the new Forerunner weapons were mostly useless except for the Scattershot and Light Rifle. There's a lot to like about Halo 4, and just as much to hate as well. Although, I did like the firing sound for the Assault Rifle. It sounded infinitely better than the firing sound of the Halo 3 Assault Rifle.
H4 with a weapon and damage rebalancing could truly of been a great campaign 'sigh' if only 343i had done the 3 year dev cycle......
90 FOV.
It is going to be fantastic to actually be able to see what's happening in Halo 3 multiplayer, especially along-side the quick aiming of a mouse!
I GRINDED invasion when reach first came out I loved it cant wait to get back into big games.
Halo 3/Reach multiplayer with family, gravity hammer only. In splitscreen if possible, for maximum chaos :)
Customizing my Spartan's armor and playing custom maps with friends
Altho i will play lots of the multiplayer for a long time to come, i have the be looking forward the most to replaying all of the campaigns with keyboard and mouse
Modding possibilities
Adjustable field of view
My pipe dream of my favorite Halo, Reach, coming to PC with eliminated/drastically reduced motion blur is coming true. I want this game to come back in full power so I can enjoy it again. In addition, being able to play Halo: CEA on PC will be a nice touch instead of having to play Halo CE instead.
Finishing the fight, all be it with the beauty that is PC Gaming.
Just looking forward to playing through all the games and playing with people online. Played up to Halo 3 before moving to pc and it's great that this old dog can have his bone once again :)
Pretty much everything. lol.
Playing the campaign with friends again. MKB controls. The universe built from the first book/game, The excitement has gotten me reading the 4 books I haven't yet. I feel somewhat like a 12 year old kid waiting for Christmas lol.
I WAS looking forward to Forge the most, then I found out they're not releasing it at the start... Why??????
Allow me to add more things. I'm looking forward to campaign mods for all of the games. Imagine Reach with a more powerful (but not too powerful) assault rifle, Halo CE with more weapons from later games and a usable energy sword as well as Brutes and Skirmishers and even Engineers to fight against, Halo 2 with a properly balanced campaign so that Legendary difficulty isn't a complete nightmare, Halo 3 with a better sounding assault rifle, ODST with Brutes replaced with Elites, Halo 4 with... well Covenant models taken from other games and more spare ammo for most weapons, as well as modded Forerunner weapons to behave like their H5 counterparts so they're actually useful, and maybe some Marty O'Donnell music added in a few places as well. Just imagine the possibilities.
I'm looking forward to having another chance at getting the inheritor rank!
Campaign and Firefight are both things I'm really looking forward to. I dont know, I just love small squads working together.
Dedicated servers and 60 FPS on Halo Reach, a swollen population and the ability to swap between all Halos on the fly
I'm really interested in what the modding community comes up with. I've been checking out mods for Halo 3 and Reach on Xbox 360 for years now, and it'll be interesting to see what people pull off now that this stuff will be made much more accessible via MCC on PC.
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