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Will my progression in multiplayer be carried over

OP Astral Blaze V

When the Master Chief Collection comes out for PC with Halo Reach being the first game. Will I be able to continue my progress with the rank of my spartan and my armor collection instead of starting over again when i sign in to Xbox Live??
We don't know that yet, but it does say "Requires 3rd-Party Account: Xbox Live" on the Steam page for MCC, which makes me think you will need to sign in with your gamertag, I would imagine that also means your progress will carry over, I honestly wouldn't mind starting over.
I really do hope that progress does carry over, personally speaking, since I did feel kinda proud about my Spartan and what I achieved in Reach.
I highly doubt anything is going to be transferred over from Xbox 360 Reach to MCC Halo Reach. When Halo Reach is added to the MCC it'll essentially be a brand new game.
The only thing that i would want to carry over is legendary pre order flame and eternal. everything else should not carry over. Also you should have to unlock armour in h3 the old fashion way instead of just giving everyone every armour piece like they did with mcc
I second this. Let us keep our flaming skulls.