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15 Years of Halo - Share your fondest memory!

OP ske7ch

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One of my favorite memories is playing CE on the PC - it was like 2am, pitch black, empty house and headphones on. I was plying Truth and Reconciliation, just thinking back to walking through those hallways. Great stuff.

Most of my best Halo memories have been made in the past 2 years though - from the Launch of Halo 4 to now has been an absolute roller coaster of a ride for me. Getting to be involved in the launch for both games, having my likeness used in the Fall of Reach animation (I'll never get tired of saying "Hey, I'm on Netflix" haha), becoming a monitor and actually having an active role in helping the community. I can't choose what I love more, I love all of it.

I made a twitter moment to capture the last 18 months of my Halo journey and can't wait to see what's coming in the next 18 months. Thanks to the team at 343 for keeping Halo going and thanks to everyone at Team Xbox for being awesome! Here's to 15 more years of Halo! :D
I have 2 significant memories:

1) The Halo 2 servers were about to shut down. A friend and I were playing a 1-Flag CTF game on Ascension with a player who refused to quit on the enemy team. I superbounced out of the map with the flag in hopes of prolonging the game past the anticipated server shut-down. The other player finally quit after almost 2 1/2 hours. Minutes later, said friend and I started ANOTHER match deep into the morning hours, and got 1-Flag CTF on Ivory Tower....We also got split up! I grabbed the flag and she helped me fall through the map with it and we sat together, in silence as other players quit, for over 5 hours before Bungie force-shut down the servers and we were kicked. Bungie added us to the final Halo 2 Clan: CutoffSurvivors, to show we played well past when they anticipated games to continue on.

2) I got the very first Back-to-Back Exterminations in the world in Halo 3. Not only that, but I also got a 2nd Back-to-Back Extermination clip and both would end up featured on Bungie Favorites. My first one was featured twice over the life of the game.
I miss the flood😞
I have had no memorable moments with the Halo series, and I fear I never will. You try being the only one out of your entire societal group who enjoys playing this game IN ITS HEYDAY all the while people RIDICULE you for playing it, and have it STILL go on to this day.
So many wonderful memories and experiences.

I first started with Halo Reach and although I cant remember what map I was on I remember firing my DMR at the opposing team behind cover and it was in that moment I knew that this was the game I wanted to dedicate my spare time to, what began as a enjoyable MP experience soon turned into a wave of exploration as I brought all the past games I missed out on and over the many hours I poured into the game I became fascinated with the Halo story to the extend I would spent hours researching the rich lore like my life depended on it.

The Forge, Customs, Cosplay and Machinima community's also set Halo apart from the average shooter as well showing just how friendly, creative and inspiring the Halo community was and still is.

Each Character, weapon and location is an important part of the Halo puzzle and I cant wait to see more of that puzzle come together in the future games and EU media.

Here's to 15 years of Halo and hopefully 15 years more to come.
I was first introduced to Halo with Halo 2 when I was around ten (I know too young to be playing this game) by my two older brothers. Due to them introducing me to Halo and my strong relationship with my family, my fondest memories have been playing Halo with my brothers. I remember it just like it was yesterday. We started off playing split screen 2v2 on Halo 2, but then we started playing system link 2v2 or 2v2v2 (I have 9 brothers) on Halo 3. We still play Halo 3 to this day whenever we come back to my parents' house. Our favorite games were Snipers at Foundry and Crazy G at Guardian (King of the Hill with snipers and shotguns with the hill in the middle of Guardian). Since we were in separate rooms, after the match ended, the team that won would rush up/down stairs to talk trash to the brothers that lost and the team that lost would say that they lagged or the other team double teamed them (we did not like people teaming up in 2v2 even though that is the point of the game) and call for a rematch. Thank you Halo for the great childhood that you gave my brothers and me. You really brought us closer together.
the ark in halo 3
Definitely halo 4 splitscreen custom games with my friends.
Splitscreen is the only reason I still sometimes play mcc.
I've started playing Halo: CE after 2 years of release and continued Halo 2, Halo 3 is when I've encountered Xbox Live. I've been playing to this day, right now on Halo 5: Guardians. So much memories it creates :), Without Halo, I don't know where I would go.
Actually recently cause I've been beating all of them on legendary with my homies
I've grown up playing halo, in fact it was my very first video game. I remember playing the campaign of CE with my dad, and getting lost in the library. When we finally beat the maw, watching the ring break apart was one of the greatest things my 7 year old mind could handle. So we repeated this tradition for every halo game. Hardly anything can even hold a candle to the purity and enjoyment halo has given me. There are hundreds of moments like playing with my dad, helping me get through a really bad break up, setting up a LAN party in my schools computer room, to co-oping firefight with my best friends. So could I ever pick one special moment; no, because that is a disservice to all Halo has given me. Halo is one of those rare games that is special, it's something greater then just game mechanics. S117 has saved humanity time and time again, what he didn't know is that he also saved mine.
Honestly, it's quite hard to narrow it down to just one. Overall, being a mod here has shaped my life in ways that I had never imagined. In a way, Halo is pretty much the reason my feet found the path I'm on now and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience, the countless opportunities, and the memories I have from the past 5 years - never mind the past 15!

But if we're talking gameplay, this clip might be my favorite thing that's happened to me in a game. My battle buddy and I got put on separate teams for a SWAT Reflection game. We have played SO many games together that we just know how the other thinks/plays so I love watching this clip and seeing how you can basically see us having the same thoughts at the same time. :)

Or this. Because it's amazing.

Funny. Best timing ever
I played against you guys the other day
You guys destroyed me.
I was half asleep, and every time I ran into you or Ka Five I was completely annihilated.

Back on topic, my favourite moment probably has to be spread between the number of games on both halo 4&5 where I have done really well, and surprised myself, and had a ton of fun doing so
That's very difficult as I have so many fond memories of Halo over the years. Whether it was playing Snipers on Blood Gulch on Halo CE PC or custom games in H2/H3. I have to say, my most fond memories were all those late night customs in Halo 2. There was nothing like it, playing hide and seek, lava man, tower of power, zombies, Troy, etc. Of course some of the friends I've made in H2 I still talk to and play H5 with so that's a nice bonus as well. Not only have I had a great time playing Halo over the years, but I've made a plethora of friends as well :)
The very first time I played Reach at my friends house: We played firefight and it was so intense! Ahh good times.
I would have to say one of my best memories was Halo 3 launch i didnt have a car at the time my parents wouldnt drive me into town and my friends were already in line waiting, so i dusted off the old bicycle and started pedaling into town which was 35km lol. When i got to the mall the line up was wrapped along the perimeter of inner mall and then went outside lol. i got a text from a buddy saying toys r us has no line up and tons of legendary editions so i biked a couple streets over was in and out in 5 mins and was soooo pumped i finally was going to finish the fight the 35km back home were tough trying to balance that big box and stay on the road in the middle of the night lol. It was all worth it and even though i biked over 70km and was super tired i was super Happy i felt like the Chief would have been proud lol :)
Well just asking will we get a req pack or update. But my fondest memory would be when you discover the flood in CE
awesome , i still remember the first time i played, good memories
playing halo 3 for the first time before i had xbox live. and the last mission when you had to escape the doomed halo ring .
Halo 3 split screen with friends.
The various custom games that I have played with fellow halo fans over the years. Those games are not only some of my favorite halo memories but some of my favorite gaming memories in general. Speed halo is always great for instant hilarity!
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