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15 Years of Halo - Share your fondest memory!

OP ske7ch

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My fondest Halo memory has to be the first time I ever played Halo 3- my first halo game. I loved practically every second of it- from hearing that glorious main menu music to driving across a rapidly collapsing Halo to building very crude bases with my friends. Halo has been my favorite game series since then, and it will always be my favorite.
Me and my little sister were playing split screen Halo 3, I would have been like 13/4 at this point and she'd have been 11. We won 4vs2 after my entire team but me and her quit and one of theres quit on snowblind because they walked though the middle and we just mongoosed around the sides, they never clicked on till the end and when they did they sprayed at us madly but we just and just escaped and won with the last flag.
I remember my sister sending me a link to download the trial for Halo CE, I refused for days until one day I decided to download it. She set up a LAN game of CTF on Blood Gulch.

I got destroyed.

I kept playing as I didn't want to be worse than her >:) and eventually I bought the full game, then I went round a friend's house and he had a 360 and Halo: Reach and I loved playing it, and when I got home I looked up more Halo games and that Christmas I got Halo 2 for PC.

Christmas next year one of my other friends got a 360 and I finally persuaded my dad to allow me to buy a 360 so I got Halo 3 and Reach for it. I remember it well cuz the left stick was broken and it kept spinning around xD.

After that I've pre-ordered every Halo game since. Halo CE Anniversary, Halo 4, Halo TMCC (Great game 10/10) and Halo 5: Guardians.

If I never downloaded that trial I can't imagine what I'd be doing now :)

Thanks Bungie for creating a fantastic franchise and thanks 343 for continuing it! Here's to another 15 years :D
That's hard... Probably would have to be during Halo 3 Custom Games, Jenga on Standoff. I was standing next to my buddy, not an inch away from him, when I looked over at the others. I heard an oof. Looked back, and my buddy was gone. A Warthog had smacked him in the face, but somehow I survived. It was hilarious.
My fondest memory of halo are

- Spartan Vale
- Sarah Palmer
- Kat
- ODST Firefight
First playing Halo Reach split screen with my friend. It was amazing, and I have loved the franchise since. Either that or playing the first mission in CE. That was pretty cool also.
being on pace to get 40 kills in Team Deathmatch and getting booted by the other team which was full of french players on Halo 3. I was running through them. They must have thought I was cheating or something. who knows. They could have just been salty.
Fondest memory....when req packs didn't exist. that count?
Fondest memory of Halo? Crap, I've got a lot of fond memories of the games, from being utterly engrossed in the experience of Halo ODST for the very first time, taking in the wonderful atmosphere and the fitting lonliness.. To moments where my bf and bff helped me turn my controller into a makeshift uh... MASSAGE device using various weapons, vehicles, and other implements in Halo 3 Co-op XD
The first time I read Fall of Reach. That was the point where my eyes truly opened to the amazing story and depth of the Halo universe :) that's where it all started for me shortly after Halo 3 came out. My passion has only grown since :)
I've been playing Halo since Halo 2 first came out, yet somehow my fondest memory came from Halo 4, the game I hated the most. My first multiplayer match ever, I picked up plasma grenades and proceeded to stick 2 people on the crotch consecutively. Had to put down the controller for a good laugh. A bit childish, yeah, but it was a fun moment.
Everything about Halo 3, The competitive rank system, trying to get to lv 50/general on doubles, TS, and BTB for funs. All the friends i've made because of halo 3, teaming up with them, br battling/ training on the mlg 4sided 1v1 map that changes into 1 big map at the end. The theater mode with friends. recording clips and Making awesome screenshots (had to have a Ninja Screenshot in ther), The forge mode making all kinds of maps from, Parkour ninja maps, Teleporter jumping, Mcdonalds/drive thru maps haha, Making epic zombie maps Out of the map glitches. Playing campaign mode online with friends i've met online multiple times. infection of course it was great. and this was a daily thing.
Had a LAN birthday party in 7th grade 12guys over in my basement and 4xboxes. My mom said to shut it off at midnight, cuz its bad for our eyes. About 1am heard her stirring, and everyone shut off their TV's. A tv team of 2 put a blanket over their set, and just went to town on us all. Every 10secs someone's controller would vibrate, and they'd groan and whisper "COME ON JOHN, you POS".
While I'm 35 y/o I'm still a baby compared to most of you with regards to Halo, as I just got into the franchise within the last couple years. But there've already been some good ones:

- My first play thru of the CEA campaign that made me instantly fall in love with the franchise. The sense of wonder, epic-ness, mystery, and excitement was different than any other FPS, possibly any other game, I'd ever played.
- I'm a horrible player so the first time I beat a campaign on Legendary by myself - Halo 3 - it was very special because I really had to work for it. When the Warthog flew into the Dawn I was so happy.
- Watering up just a little at the deaths of various characters - Johnson, Jorge, the real Cortana... damn you Halo for making me care so much about characters in a video game!!
- My first read thru of Fall of Reach which did the same thing for me with the extended universe, that CEA did for me with the games. Instantly hooked.

As soon as I get good enough at MP to have any MP accomplishments worthy of being put on the list, I'll let you know. ;) (You might be waiting a while.)
I was very young when halo 3 came out. My older brother had an Xbox 360 with halo 3. He wouldn't let me play on it often (can't blame him). His xbox was in his room,aka the restricted area. One day, for some reason it was moved to my dad's room which was not restricted (IDK why but I shouldn't complain). On the night it was moved I played halo 3 for the first time, it was magical. I didn't know anything about the story nor the characters but the gameplay was amazing. Before this all I had was the WII so this game was God to me. After this, I would be addicted to the game, waking up early just to play it. I only got to the flood mission before my brother moved the Xbox back into his room and finally the disc was lost and it still is. Years went by and halo just became a memory, until I got the Master chief collection and I now here I am.
For me, well, it's between hitting SR-50 in Halo 4 to choose a new specialization, completing either Halo 3, 4, or 5 on legendary solo the first time. All of those are memories in which I feel as if I earned them, but if I had to choose one from those listed above and others, it'd be assassinating that one Elite in Halo: Reach from the cliff top, simply because that thing is difficult no matter if it's Legendary or Easy mode. Of course, there's also being in the Halo Wars 2 beta, the Warzone Firefight beta, and just being one of the first Spartans in Halo 5 on launch day. Kinda hard for me to narrow it down, I guess.
Call me old school, or nostalgic, but for me, it was the first time I played Halo CE, WAAAYYYY back in 2001. I wasn't legally old enough to play M-rated games (my uncle got it for me through his job at Microsoft, shhh...dont tell anyone), and until that moment I hadn't realized games could be so deep and immersive know, FUN. I had played Mario and Star Wars Rouge Squadron and a bunch of racing games on my N64 but...oh man. When I fired up my Xbox for the first time, and THAT OPENING THEME...I got CHILLS. And I thought "oh, well this is a good opening, I wonder how it'll be".
I played Pillar of Autumn. I dropped Grunts with the M6D. I shredded Sangheili with the MA5B. I FELT AMAZING.
"I'll only play one more level", I promised myself.
8 hours later I watched Chief climb from the seat of a Longsword and look back at the destruction he had just wrecked upon Instillation 04, and I found myself wonder "what...THATS IT?" I was almost heartbroken.
I had slain Covenant by the hundreds, driven every vehicle the UNSC had brought on the Autumn, destroyed countless Forerunner machines, and encountered what is, to this day, my most horrific foe in any video game, the Flood. And was over.
The next day, my uncle, with a knowing smile, handed me the Fall of Reach by Eric Nylund.
And that was when I REALLY, REALLY fell head-first into the series. The gameplay was amazing, better than anything I had ever done, and the limited story that was in CE was more than enough for me at the time.
But then, reading Nylunds book...and it was like I had stepped into the Domain itself (though of course we would not know what the Domain was until almost a decade later). I read about John and Blue Team. I read about Halsey's crimes to save humanity. The sacrifices, of the washouts, of Sam, of James over Reach and Linda on Gamma Station. Of Reach burning. Of the UNSC's desperate state. And it just became even MORE intense for me.
When I played through CE again (on Heroic this time), the fighting felt...PERSONAL. Now, I WAS Chief. I was doing this for the UNSC, for ALL my fallen Spartan brothers...
And when I finished the campaign once again I felt even BETTER about it this time. Score one for the UNSC!

Fall of Reach opened my eyes to the possibility that a game could be more than just blind, dumb entertainment. That it could be as deep as a movie or stand alone book series.
I don't regret that epiphany. Not one bit.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
Around the time of Halo CE I dated this girl who wasn’t into games, but used to like watching me, my friends and flatmates play. She ended up learning how to use a controller simply because she liked Halo (and Master Chief). We slowly went from playing coop in easy to actually playing coop on the harder difficulty levels incl. Legendary in Halo 4. We made sure that we completed all the Halo’s campaigns together. We were never particularly good, but we played in a small clan in Reach and then ended up doing our own thing together in 4. She even had her own Xbox 360 and TV so that we wouldn’t have to share one screen.

We relocated five years ago and had to sell everything, and although she no longer has her own Xbox or screen, she’s clued into Halo 5 and the lore and sometimes watches me play at night, when I get a chance. More importantly, I am also proud to say that she is also now my wife, and we have a two-year-old boy. I can’t wait to show him the world of Halo.

I guess I can't nail it down to one particular Halo memory, but Halo has been part of our lives for as long as we have known each other and even though we both have far less time to game, I don’t see our passion towards Halo changing.

Thanks for all the great memories. Here’s looking forward to many more.
I've got plenty, but the fondest memories I had were all the "Spartan Runs" in Customs back in Reach and 4 with the Mods. We had some hilarious times, especially Sumo with Grav-Hammers.

The second and third one is very simple...the infamous driving skills from Kat *shivers*...and lastly the other infamous rank up from Warrant Officer Grade 3 to Captain (that was an absolute hell to rank up on).
I was 12 at the time. I wasn't allowed to play T and M rated games. My friends were all playing COD and GTA. My parents bought me CE anniversary and I was instantly hooked. I immediately bought 3, Reach, 4 and ODST and I loved them all. At the time I had very few friends but halo became a friend to me. It was something I could play in my free time and I enjoyed playing it. Now I'm 15, I like halo 5 but it has so many glaring issues that holds it back from its tue potential. I've had a blast playing wether it was with my little brother on splitscreen desperately trying to take down a scarab or having a bIast with my friends on sandtrap. I have poured so many hours into this amazing franchise and I don't plan on stopping for the foreseeable future. Thanks Bungie and 343 Industries for making my childhood awesome.
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