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Anyone worried 343i might scrap Warzone in halo 6?

OP Motion Man

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They aren't gonna get rid of their cash cow. If anything, they'll likely make it even bigger for H6. I can only hope that they read and implemented all of our feedback that we made in those WZ and FF threads on the forums.
Motion Man wrote:
H8TRFFC wrote:
I'm actually hoping that they are, in favor of bringing back and expanding on Firefight and BTB.
Ideally, that 12v12 player count would be used to bring back Invasion, but that's probably unlikely.
why cant they have a PvP mode (arena) and big PvP mode BTB a PvE Mode (firefight) and a PvPvE mode (warzone)... that is essentially what they have in the game now, but with the dev time they have they could expand greatly on all of those (although i would argue arena is in a good place already)
I'm not opposed to a PvPvE mode, just the Warzone format.
I outlined an idea for a revamped Firefight mode in this thread which would focus much more on the survival aspect of the game, emphasising teamwork and player choice through the sandbox, but this gamemode with its large maps and varying objectives also lends itself to a PvPvE mode.
Firefight Vs would put opposing teams of Spartans (and Elites) against each other in the same way Warzone would, but at a smaller, more manageable scale (4v4). You could even incorporate elements of Dominion with turrets and resupply drops.

My point is that when you pit a large number of players against AI, said AI needs to be scaled against that, and this is why you end up with 8 players in REQ variants of vehicles all spamming away at one or two bosses with massive pools of health. It's not fun, imo.
The 24 player count would be much better utilised in Invasion, where the focus is solely PvP, because other players will usually present a more dynamic challenge than AI. This would also benefit BTB because we'd be getting developer made maps again, rather than just Forge variants.
I wouldn't be worried at all. They could do a better PVPVE mode game mode, where the AI's dont stand around, they actually can capture bases and other stuff.
I dunno if they'll scrap WZ or not, but there'll most definitely be something else besides social, arena & customs.
We had Spartan Ops in 4 and WZ now in 5, I am very curious to find out what 343 will put into 6
Maybe something Firefight-like ?
Think about it, no Warzone means no reason to implement REQs, that would mean 343 would be "leaving money on the table."
Scrap war zone and just make big team bigger with 12v12 or 16v16
I don't think WZ will get scrapped, it's to popular plus they would have to get rid of the req system and come up with another game mode to add it in. Micro-transactions don't bother me in the least. I have everything in the game and didn't pay anything with cash, with the exception of Voices of War. I can't wait to see what they do with it in H6.
I actually like Warzone, I have little interest in PvP these days and Warzone gives me something else to do in Halo. In fact I hope they do something to improve it, make it more interesting an a little less by the numbers and predictable. I don't even have a problem with the req system like I do with so many other microtransactions, granted I could still do without it, but it's by far one of the least offensive methods of milking money from me. Granted I've not felt the need to pay a cent for any of it, I don't feel like I need to.

If I had to comment on PvP though, I'd prefer if it went back to it's more arena shooter roots than CoD or Battlefield. Though maybe that's nostalgia speaking.
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Well then send your regards to warzone, because nobody's going to miss it :)
I personally want it removed and out of Halo in favour of good BTB maps.
I think that warzone is one of the best things that 343 could do, and i don't care a Halo 6 without it. Warzone just need some fixes and thats it.
It will be ridiculous not include it.
I don't want them to scrap it i want them to improve upon it and add the ability to forge it. As well as make it less Micro-transaction focused.
Warzone was good in concept but I like BTB better so it depends.
I never got into playing it so I wouldn't even miss it.
tsassi wrote:
To be honest, I wouldn't miss Warzone. In fact, I'd prefer its removal if that meant we got some proper BTB maps instead of forged ones. I much prefer the traditional BTB to Warzone, and I think Warzone would need some drastic revisions for me to accept it as a gamemode worth playing.
Read my mind. I don't like warzone especially when month of mythic was around. too pay to win for my taste and ridiculously annoying getting farmed by Spartan companies I say it should never return in a halo game
Motion Man wrote:
DaxSeven09 wrote:
I kind of hope it is, but not for a BR mode. Let’s just have all the original modes returned, and then we'll be all good.
what original modes do you want that are not currently in H5:G ?
Juggernaut, territories, invasion, single flag CTF, multi-team, and VIP to name a few.
As long as we get Firefight I don’t care. Warzone is great but the sweats ruined it a long time ago.
It makes them so much money in the form of providing people an excuse to buy REQ Packs. It's not going away.
They’ll definitely fix it, but destroying it is unlikely. Great money maker
I'm not too worried because 343 seems to love it. I do hope it comes back just because I love the idea of a large scaled, multi-objective pvp/pve game mode, but they need to heavily modify the req system if they do. mainly remove cosmetics from it. and if they had to remove the req system entirely (which I think most of us have excepted won't happen) they can still keep the game mode but just remove req energy and just place weapons and vehicles on the map. and don't base the whole game around the one game mode. I enjoy it but I don't think other game modes should be neglected just to improve this one option.

also more randomization of the bosses and a forge option would be appreciated.
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