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[Locked] Ask a Question for the Halo Bulletin, Part 2!

OP bs angel

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Understanding that nothing specific is going to said, can you at least say whether there will be other choices for guns like the sticky detonator that are more similar to the grenade launcher? Even if you can't discuss that, will there be more weapon release discussion before november 6th?
Will Spartan ops be avialble for offline players and will war games be split screen
Will skulls be returning (collectible not like Reach)
What and be like bigirpall and c4 your jet then hop out and blow people up?
1. can the sticky detonator shoot like the grenade launcher if u just press the trigger once ? or is it just manual ?

2. how does the auto sentry and regeneration field armor abilities work ?

3. will there be weapon and armor skins in the game or only the ones that are pre order bonuses ?

4. will the armor and weapon pre order bonuses become DLC later on or the only way to get them is to pre order from that shop ?

5. I thought you said that the reason for no legendary edition is so that people dont have to choose between what things they get but with all these different preorder bonuses it seems that what u said is wrong because each shop has different bonuses.
will the preorder bonuses become DLC later on ??????????????????????
1. Will firefight ever be added?

2. What sort of things are you looking for to convince you to make more seasons of spartan ops?

3. Will ALL modes have matchmaking? Including forge?

4. will all the different pre-order bonuses be available in the game or by dlc at some point? (if you can only answer one please let it be this one)

5. How long will the campaign be and apart from pure joy, what re-play value will there be?
Tell us what you are doing with Standard Slayer, like the differences between it and Infinity Slayer. Will scoring be one point per kill? Will There be personal ordance drops in it or only random drops for everyone to fight over? Stuff like that.

Just wondering if we can get a show of all the weapons (video feed from the game) showing the look and fired shots from each one would be awesome

Or some more backstory of the new spartans

and a shoutout :)

Is moving after the game is over really gone?
Is more work being done for the announcers voice?
The medals we saw from gameplay were placeholders right? Are they going to be more polished?
Please TONS of people want some info over forge!! Will it be an expanded version of Reach?? will it have a terrain editor??? Or will it kinda be the same as Reach?? Please a lot of us just need something :D

Will Spartan ops be avialble for offline players and will war games be split screen
Will skulls be returning (collectible not like Reach)
I can answer the first two questions, Spartan Ops will be available to you if you do not have a Gold account, however you need at least a Silver to be able to download the chapters because otherwise 343 has no other way to get it to you. As for War Games I am going to assume yes because Halo has always had splitscreen multiplayer, even since CE.
What Armor will we see returning from GEN I to GEN II?
are elites, grunts and jackals the only returning covenant ?
will the difficulty of campaign increase in co-op like on reach?
Is there going to be a 1-50 system like in Halo 3?
will you make the leveling up like halo reach with credits and if so i suggest having all the armor unlocked beforehand, but make prices higher so as people level up they get more credits and can buy those specific types of armor.

oh and..... CANZ I HAZ RECON :3
Somebody had broken down the kill times for the weapons from the coverage you did at E3.The Carbine, DMR and BR, he BR`s kill time was significantly slower than both weapons by over .4 seconds which can make a big difference in game.

My question is, why is the BR`s kill time much slower than the other 2 weapons(DMR and Carbine?
I think all 3 of those weapons are slower than Halo 3's BR if the information i had gotten is correct and it might be better to have faster kill times instead of the game getting slower and slower. I think it would be best if the BR is a 4sk, it would balance the kill times between each weapon and the so the BR would be the more useful weapon at a closer range because as the weapon stands both the DMR and Carbine shoot faster and are more accurate so in theory both weapons are better at all ranges.

I noticed during the Smart Glass video there was something that said Frankie has reached rank A-7 or something along the lines of that. Is that the new ranking system you guys have been working on?
I think a ranking system could make or break Halo 4, the game already looks amazing and i'm very excited to play it, but from what i've heard from many people is that the things they loved about Halo 2 and Halo 3 in terms of the online aspect was clan battles, leader boards and the ranked play list. The ranked play list gives players more of a reason to win and to keep winning so they can be the highest rank in the game. The problem with Arena i think was that it catered to the individual player so it kind of turned into a Free For All within the team they we're playing with.
So my question is, will there be a ranking system in Halo 4?

I think the game looks great so far and i can't wait for Nov 6th! Thanks 343i for answering peoples questions about your game and it`s awesome that you do the Q&A`s.

Thank you.
Will the Pre-order bonuses be available as DLC or something you can purchase with XP or cR. (What ever they are using)

I hope the Skins and bonuses are exclusive and no one else can get them like the Legendary Helmet and Eternal.
Will there be a demo for Halo 4 before launch?

Will there be other content downloadable than just new map packs?

Armor Abilities
From what has been shown at E3, the Hardlight Shield I assume, can the shield withstand limitless amount of damage before it depletes over time?

From the Spartan Ops Trailer shown officially on your site, it was shown of 2 players using the Thruster Pack and the Jet Pack; can you confirm?

How long specifically can you sprint in one go?

Will there be more specific weapon assassinations ex: Sword assassination?

As shown in the multiplayer videos, there was a icon on the left of the screen that seems to be building up energy as you kill other players and grants you access to "ordinances". Can you explain how this mechanic works?

Spartan Ops
Can you specifically say how long a Spartan Ops mission lasts?

The maps used for the missions, are they created solely for Spartan Ops or are they pulled from Campaign/Multiplayer?

Is there any chance to release a Firefight menu from all the Spartan ops missions to be customizable from the players perspective?

Is it true that the Campaign's playtime is longer than past Halo games?

Will we be hearing alot of Master Chief talking in the gameplay?

Will there be embedded Live-Action movies into the cinematic of Halo 4?

What can you explain about the weird human skull carved in the helmet of the Promethean Knight?

I notice in the demo that there are different colors of Prometheans shown orange and blue. Is it rank and strength that represent them?

Will we see the Covenant getting their butts beat on the battlefield just to watch?

That's all my questions, hope you answer them 343!
Just start out by saying thanks you very much 343 industries for making halo 4 and continuing the halo francise and also taking it to whole new level. I can say everybody who saw the e3 demo on the Microsoft press conference was blown away on how amazing the good look and feel.

Now for my question for the bulletin, btw this a non relate e3 question but it been kinda bothering me with all the pre-orders that has been reveal and I except more to be announce at later time. Are 343 planning to make any of the pre orders available for launch as day one dlc or at later time frame and if not are they unlockable in the game armor customization. I know the anwser you give would put lot people mind at rest. Thank you for taking your time for looking at my question. P.S. The question is mark in blue.
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