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[Locked] Ask Frankie!

OP B is for Bravo

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Will we ever find out what happened to the UNSC Spirit of Fire and her crew (from Halo Wars)?
Pancakes or whiskey? Tough choice, I know.
From your experience at Bungie, are multiplayer Betas helpful in developing mechanics? I understand that to a certain degree the game is complete at the time of a Beta, however can you comment on their value particularly to the Halo franchise?

However, please know that we are not discussing future projects at this time.
Not stopping me from asking. Also :
Will the PC version of Halo: Spartan Assault have an update to give it the same features that the Xbox version has? Or is this your and Microsoft's way to get us to spend money on two different versions?
Here's a question that doesn't have to do with Spartan Assault, nor any future projects.

Will 343i be doing more live streams, and have more Q&As like this one in the future, rather than one for every 2 or 5 months? Digital Extremes has a Developer Live stream every 2 or so weeks, discussing everything on a Developer level, and then some. I've suggested this time, and time again, I want to know here and now, is it at all possible to see 343i do this?

After been on the forums for some time now, I've noticed a lot of people feel that 343i does not listen, that they don't even speak other than on Neogaf, and through BS Angel.

A live stream every few weeks with the developers, full of discussions about what goes on behind the scenes, and some Q&A from the forums like this will boost the community's trust in 343i right now.
When are you hiring Juices?
In the future will 343i personel, such as yourself Frankie, spend more time in the Halowaypoint forums interacting with the Halo community rather than other communities?
Why are Facebook and Twitter mandatory for interacting with events such as Twitch streams?

I'd like to comment on the streams and have a chance at contests but Twitch and Facebook are one step too far for some people.
Why were the Unique Users/24 hours statistics never published for Halo 4? They were published for REACH and Halo 3. Those were better values for gauging interest levels.

Why was the Campaign population never published?

Why was the Custom game population never published?
Will Halo Spartan Assault take advantage of the Xbox One impulse triggers?
How does 343 choose to explain the online population drop in H4? What was it about H4 that missed, and what will 343 do to remedy this mistake for H5?
Do you plan to ever let us play as elites in a halo game again?
With Halo 4you introduced the SP-IV class and in turn showed how other branches became Spartans due to the ease, my question is due to this ease of upgrading does the ODST force still operate in the same capacity?
Where do you think the subtitles option in games should be? Audio, video, or gameplay?
How many times have you called bs angel" lil' homie"

How did you make Mister Chief look better by 9001 odds more than even Master Chief?

How many times has Bravo pwned you?

Why do you hate Mr Frank "Smokey" O'Donald?

Where is Jeff Steizer's voice for race?

Will Mr Chief receive the Master Poncho to wear, or will he meet the Derpiter/ Thel 'Vader?

Do you know of the schmeefs?-

Spartan or Elite?

Reds or Blues.

What happened to the DLC playlists?

How was it like when you first joined Bungie? What job did you have there?

Do you like any other franchises?
Will simplified "classic" Halo gameplay ever be emphasized again?
Frankie, I'm just going to ask you this since I am still a fan and such and I love the story. But what I want to ask is: What is it that you guys are planning to do with the Arbiter and that of the Sangheili in both Story wise and gameplay? I just have to simply ask because it just feels like whenever someone brings up something on the Elite's, it just suddenly gets out right ignored. I just hope you take the time to read this and by all means, just please reply in your answers.

Is Spartan Assault's "Floodfight" Co-Op only, or can I also play it Solo?
Back before Halo was a big franchise and Halo: Combat Evolved was being developed, how much of the universe did you guys at Bungie have planned?

Did you guys expect Halo to become such a giant cultural phenomenon that I feel is approaching a level of Star Wars?

Did you guys initially plan to develop Halo 2 and the rest of the trilogy?

Also what are your thoughts on How Halo has spawned things like Halo Cosplay, Machinima, and just the rest of the general culture surrounding Halo.

What Halo Machinima community creators other than RoosterTeeth do you guys at the studio enjoy watching and dealing with?

Thanks for Halo!
What Halo did you think was the most competitive, and why? Also, which Halo was your personal favorite and most fun to play? Do you feel that this impacts your design philosophy? Thanks!
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