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Best atmosphere in a multiplayer map

OP TheSmallestPond

Imo, the map with the best atmosphere has to be Standoff from Halo 3. The setting is a large African (I assume) satellite facility. The only things you hear are cicadas, birds and the wind. But every now and then, you can hear a missile fly overhead. If you track the missile, you can see that they land somewhere far away. But if you listen closely, you can hear a faint boom as the missile impacts. I find this map's atmosphere creepy and very ominous.

Some other maps that have a nice atmosphere would be Turf from H2, Guardian from H3 and Abandon from H4.
Best Multiplayer atmosphere map imo has to be Backwash from Halo 2, it’s Atmosphere is damp, foggy, the ground itself is damp, along with it the sounds you have is frogs croaking, Flood-like-sounds and some bugs, and you got that Monitor talking to himself

To me this map is Creepy & the feeling like you’re being watched by something lurking in the trees

And reading the description of the Map saying “There are strong indications that beneath the shroud Of mist drowning this swamp on Delta Halo lies a powerful intelligence” gives me chills
I think Lockout is pretty good. Suspended up in the air at a high elevation. Snowy atmosphere with the wind blowing. Creepy experiment leftovers in the containers where shotgun spawns.
I don't know why but guardian comes to mind first. Just something about the jungle like mountains.