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bungie era and 343 era, and why i love boths

OP Frank1ller

as a halo veteran, ive seen this war for many years without joining a side.

today, i still cannot choose a side but ive deeply questionned myself: why do i love Halo?

then i listed 5 point/reasons i like halo as a whole:

-thematic ( futuristic war between armored human versus alien/zombie/AI. )

-funny gameplay

-customization (choosing armor, playing as elite, forge, custom games and more..)

-style( art, visual, music, ect)

-really cheesy( ragdoll physic, humor , funny sound when someone die and MANY more..)

those are the reason im a fan of the series.

when i compare 343 and bungie, only 2 point changed between the calssic era and the current one:

the gameplay and the style.

then i realized that those 2 only depend of the players opinions. for me, even if different, i still like 343 gameplay and style but i can understand if someone dont like those.but i still got the most important : the thematic ,customization(custom game) and the cheesy part

And honestly, even if both of them were -Yoink-, i would still love halo since its one of the few game that can put a smile on my face.

thats why think im a true halo fan instead of being a ***** fanboy of bungie or 343. i would need something really big to make me quit halo.

so whats your thought? is halo simply a fps game to your eyes?

sorry for bad grammar......

P.S: i know 343 made many ''technical problems'' in theirs games but thats not the subject of my topic.