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Can we have some more Spartan Company Emblems?

OP Jay S094

So there's a few different emblems and banners that we can use for our Spartan Company but it still feels rather limited. Would it be possible for us to have some more please? I was thinking something along the lines of the emblems that are in Halo 5 so we could use our Spartan Company emblems in game. Another idea I had was being able to set your emblem to "Spartan Company" in-game so it would match your Spartan Company emblem and get updated if the Company emblem was changed. It'd be nice to have some more banner pictures too. Maybe some Halo 5 ones? It'd be even cooler if we could use our own screenshots for the company banner. Just a few ideas. If anyone else would like to see some more comment and hopefully someone from 343 will see this.