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Coolest Halo Soundtrack

OP Crane Style

For me the coolest Halo soundtrack is a tie between Halo 5's opening cinematic and the Halo 3 rendition of the Warthog Run. But I want to hear from you! I can't decide which is better.
For me it would be Halo 3 ODST when you are wondering around the streets of new Mombasa
Oh man, there are so many fantabulastic soundtracks it's hard to choose which one is the coolest.
I would say my top 3 are possibly: "Behold a Pale Horse" from Halo 3, "The Rookie" from ODST, and "Finale" from ODST.
Halo 2.
I honestly think Halo 2's songs are badass, and Is at a different level compared to the other soundtracks. My favourite song out of the soundtrack is Halo 2: 'Second Prelude'
A Walk In The Woods was always my favorite and probably always will be, nostalgia hitting hard.
ODST has the best soundtrack in my opinion. My favourite song from the soundtrack is 'Air Traffic Control'.
There is a few good tracks in ODST,

But I think the Warthog Run from Halo 3 takes it for me.
Library Suite
In Amber Clad
Under the Cover of Night
I like Halo 2's scarab music the best with Halo CE's "Saving the World" coming in second.