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Create Your Own Loot Crate

OP thetimewarptrio

So, in line with the current topic of "Build your own content drop", I thought it would be fun to see what the community would want if they could create their own Halo Legendary Loot Crate.

What would your theme be, and what would be in it?

For example, I would love an "Infinity" theme. An Icon figurine with Lasky and Chief on the deck like in the end of Halo 4. Documented orders from command informing Lasky that he was in charge and that Del Rio is relieved of his duty. An Infinity pin, doing something creative with the ship and the symbol for Infinity. A War Games training water bottle, and a grey Infinity jacket like the one we see Del Rio wearing in the Halo 4 live action trailer.
An tank theme.
Filled with tank related goodies:
A scorpion model
A booklet about the diffrent tanks the UNSC uses
A pin
A jacket with an UNSC tank battalion logo on it.
I Won't Get It Anyway Since The Crate Is Not Available To My Country.

Though This Is what I Want

Theme-The Covenant

-Jul Mdama/Thel Vadam/Rtas Vadum Figure.
-Model Of High Charity,
-An Exclusive Book/Comic about the covenant.
-A Pin
-A Grunt Plush or something Like That
-A Few Patches/Badges
-A potato

Wait A Potato?
If I would make a Loot crate it will go like this.
Theme- Covenant/Flood
Thel Vadam/Gravemind
Halo 2
A halo movie
A T-shirt of the Arbiter/Gravemind
Theme- Elites
-An Elite figurine like Rtas Vadum
-Sanghelios planet model or mug (don't know if I spelled that right)
- T-shirt with Jul Mdama on it
- An Energy Sword pin
- An exclusive comic book
- An ODST drop pod toy that you can drop and theres an attached parachute.
- An ODST helmet keychain
- A 1:10 scale nornfang replica with a stand
- An ODST drop pod with The Rookie Funko pop.
- A Halo 3 pullback racing car Ghost.
- A gold grunt pin
- A T-shirt with an oversized cartoon gravemind riding on top of infected High Charity.