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Duel Wielding, Anyone?

OP Dueling Diceman

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Who think they should bring back duel wielding ability? I miss the duel wielding SMGs Magnums, Plasma Rifles and Pistols. Maybe for Halo 6.
They'd have to change the weapon dynamics, no I'm not on that boat. I like the pistol as is and don't need to have to deal with that nightmare of a Halo 3 pistol. I'd do better throwing rocks. Halo 6, maybe but they don't need to do that with almost a year under the belt.
If they do, then it should be a higher REQ to be used. Around the 6-7 REQ point area. The dual wielding was completely amazing in Halo 2, I could kill anything. But Halo 5, with all these upgrades to weapons, and let's not forget the fact the SMG is a sort of faster TTK(time to kill) weapon than an AR. So major buffs and nerfs would happen, and then nobody would be happy.
I know things would need to be changed and all, it's just an idea. I like the Req pack idea for it also.
Sounds fun but with all the beefed up guns in this game if you could dual wield them you wouldn't even have to shoot them. Just aim at someone and they'd fall over dead.
All weapons will need to be re-calibrated then, which would be a huge task.
Sounds fun but with all the beefed up guns in this game if you could dual wield them you wouldn't even have to shoot them. Just aim at someone and they'd fall over dead.
I can see that. BTW, I like your gamertag.
I suggest they bring duel wielding back for halo 6.
I rarely dual wielded when I had the option, so im fine with it staying gone
In order for dual-wielding to work, all weapons that are able to be dual-wielded would have to be nerfed in order to keep the sandbox balanced. Weapons that are dual-wieldable lose their viability on their own, so the player is forced to have two if they want a chance at downing another Spartan. It's better for balance to have one strong SMG than two weak ones.
It's fun, but it also really messes with balance.
I'm fine with them being gone for good. All you really get is a weapon that's too weak on its own to carry so you have to manage carrying the second at all time. It's more hassle to consider than benefit. Always a cool idea but no reasonable solution to make it work.

Give me the H5 SMG over dual wield H2 SMGs any day.
For some reason, some people believe that duel weilding would break the game and say it needs a huge nerf and makes the weponary super underpowered on its own.

But honestly, I miss it. I feel really restricted without it and I think they should do something about it.

However, duel weilding as a req card would not fit the bill for me. Then it would just feel like how cod does it.

So I want duel weilding, and it more then likely will return at some point, but a lot of people consider it a sin so don't expect it anytime soon.
No. Just no.
I dont think itd be a great idea going back. i love the way halo 5 plays. thing would have to be a lot different.
No thank you, I prefer my small arms to be, you know, useful.
I'm good without out. I feel it throws off the balance of what Bungie called the tripod (now the 'quadrapod' with 343 and spartan abilities) of gun, melee and grenade.
Gotta say I'm fine doing without it.

Duel wielding always felt a bit clumsy!
Even when we could dual wield, I never used it. I didn't like not being able to melee, switch weapons, throw grenades, etc. without dropping a weapon, so I'm fine with it being gone.
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