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Favorite Halo and why

OP edey0208

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Halo 2 (Anniversary)

In my opinion! :
  • best story
  • best art style
  • most fun versions of the classic weapons (except the magnum) Dual Needlers!
  • best campaign missions
  • best music
  • most nostalgia
  • longest lasting campaign
  • Explodable maps (no invisible barriers, kill timers etc)
  • Best replayability
  • Many gameplay variation like boss fights, being arbiter with invis, gondolas, parkour etc. Something I felt Halo 2 pulled of best.
  • Best Legendary
  • Best dialogues and character portrayals

    These are some aspects that does it for me, it would take hours to go more into details lol. Halo 3 is my second, not so sure what order I would place the rest.
    Ultimately the whole series is just brilliant.
2 for campaign and 3 for MP
If I were to answer you before MCC PC became a thing, I’d tell you Halo 3 for all the beat to death reasons.

But, having a chance to play through all of the games now that I’m older and can articulate my feelings about them way more, I have to side with Halo 2: Anniversary specifically.

Halo 2’s single player has heart from the start to the finish and it shows. It oozes out of every cut scene, every bit of dialogue and every encounter you face. Of all the things Halo ever did right, Halo 2:A did it all and then some. The story is packed with interesting characters and dialogue between them that leaves you thinking about what’s going on.

“ These are my Elites. Their lives matter to me. Yours does not. “ Rtas said to the Arbiter in the opening scene of the level The Arbiter. “ That makes two of us. “ the Arbiter replies.

Their is just so much character is this short exchange of dialogue I can’t even begin to appreciate and the justice the Anniversary cutscenes do it.

H2A’s multiplayer is so slick and clean too. The weapon spawns can be a little questionable on some maps, but it all just feels super nice and smooth on MKB.
Today this is kind of a hard question for me to answer. Before MCC I would have said Halo Reach. Reach was the first game I played multiplayer over Xbox Live with. I played all the other Halo games, but I never had an internet connection and Xbox Live until a little after Halo Reach came out.

The number one thing I loved about Halo Reach was choice. You could earn credits by playing campaign, firefight, or even messing around in forge. And then after that I could choose how and what I wanted to spend them on. I didn't have to unlock a whole bunch of items I didn't want just to be allowed to get what I did. I loved this system because I found it awesome that the game offered such a high level of engagement without needing to play online. I don't think I had had that since Star Wars Battlefront. And despite what they said, I totally feel like you earned more credits playing with an offline account than an Xbox Live one. There also weren't credit caps for the offline accounts either.

When I got Xbox Live, my favorite things to do in matchmaking were SWAT and infection. Today I still think that infection on the 360 version of Reach was the absolute best version of infection in Halo.

The one thing I always hated about Xbox Live was having to pay to play online. I play on PC now and while I do appreciate that you can play online for free, I absolutely loathe the MCC version of Halo Reach. The infection is not what it used to be, you don't get to vote on maps anymore and all of the maps are a bunch of forged BS maps and not the old classic ones. I despise the TU1 settings that were introduced I think around when CEA came out. They removed sword blocking and bleedthrough is a feature I hate with every ounce of by being. The old unlock system has been replaced with a boring unlock system that hands out really good things way too soon and forces you to unlock things you don't want to get to things you might want. The challenge system in MCC is broken and pretty much doesn't change from week to week.

Today I don't really know what my favorite Halo game is. I kinda hate all of the MCC versions of the games and that has tarnished my views on them. For every one thing I do like there's like two other things I absolutely hate. I think Halo CE has my favorite campaign, I like CE multiplayer for ffa slayer, H2A multiplayer for regular slayer, and H2C multiplayer for SWAT. I can't stand Halo 3's multiplayer.
Mine would also be halo 3. It was the first halo I played by myself and the music also takes me back. I really hope they make a remaster like halo 2.
Campaign: Halo CE - it was ground breaking, magical, mysterious and will forever be imbued with WONDER.
Multiplayer: Halo 2 - again, it was groundbreaking, the Wild West of Xbox-Live, the ranking system was pure and I loved it (outside of the cheaters, but there is always cheating) - it has the BEST maps, best weapon balance and best button glitches.
If i had to choose a favorite Halo game it would probably be Halo ODST. I love being an ODST, your a none buff human just some guy that falls from the sky in a pod. The game-play was good it was like some 'put the pieces together kinda clue game. oh and the soundtrack was the best part.
Halo 2, it wasnt the story nor the campaign elements heck i didnt even play it all they way when i first got the game. it was the multiplayer. i had some great times during those days. Zombies, Michael jackson/Michael myers, cat and mouse and custom FFA's and 1v1s where all the rage back then. everyone was on the MIC not like nowadays that everyone hides in party chat makes it boring if you are on your own.
Probably Reach because I spent a lot of time on it, can't tell if I played it more than 5. Forge was sweet, campaign was awesome, multiplayer was fun.
Halo Reach. Why? Two words:
“Best Multiplayer”
Halo CE, both campaign and multiplayer.

Young me was so blown away on Christmas day blasting aliens in a way I never thought possible. One of my fondest gaming memories ever.

Since I played CE so much as a youngster it's easily my best Halo multiplayer wise and the one I enjoy the most.
I would say Halo Reach was my favorite game, It had the best story and I have good memories of playing forge with friends all the time.
Between the multiplayer, campaign and pure nostalgia, Halo 3 does it for me.
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