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Favorite halo game and why?

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In my opinion i love halo 3 due to it's story and lead up all tho i think halo 2 had the better music I loved the main menu for H3 and like it just had more with multiplayer theatre and forge mode over 10/10 other games did good to like halo CE halo 2 halo reach halo wars halo wars 2 halo 3 ODST.
Halo 3 kinda always wins, as most people would argue it’s mostly all about the great memories playing with friends on custom games but the story had such a big impact for me as before H3 i had never quite played anything like it before, it was so deep and detailed and the world building just allowed me to completely lose myself, i loved it.
Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach come as a very close second though, absolutely loved playing both of these games and have many great memories with my friends on those as well.
I know it was a short campaign but halo 3 odst won my heart I loved every second of it
My favourite is Halo: Combat Evolved
Simple narrative, small squad level skirmishes, high stakes, great environments and game-play, a classic.
tough between H2 and H3. H2 is what started this online journey for me and how I met my group of online friends, but H3 we grinded even more and spent more time together. Probably have to lean towards H3 for nostalgia but H2 for gameplay
Sayburn wrote:
I know it was a short campaign but halo 3 odst won my heart I loved every second of it
Totally agree. As a standalone experience it's absolutely the most satisfying, has a cast of fantastic characters (plus, who didn't like the voice actors).

Reach is such a close second for me: the campaign and firefight and the progression system and daily challenges were amazing. I had a poor internet connection when it first launched so I didn't get to properly enjoy the multiplayer - that's the only place I have any criticism for it, but I still loved it.

Literally the only thing separating them is that ODST I have more fond memories of playing through the firefight achievements and Deja Vu (and actually LASO on MCC) with friends, whereas Reach I mostly experienced as a lone wolf - hoping to rectify that though!
As a package of SP and MP, H2. The story was great, loved the Chief/Arbiter split up. As far as classic Halo goes I think it had the best MP mechanics.
H2, It was the most play with my friends, devote many hours of my life playing with friends to H2
I'd definitely go with Halo 2. The story and the music flowed so very well, no doubt about that. And even if I absolutely hated those sniper jackals, the campaign was still pretty fun. It's just that when I first played the game, I chose Heroic for the difficulty, and I kept thinking to myself that I had accidentally chose Legendary when I first started. But when I finished playing through the first three missions and decided to check, I'd realized that it was on Heroic. That was great.
Halo CE, it was my first love lol.. It started it all, it’s the standard of all halos to base how halos should be. Halo 2 is just an enhanced version of CE. That’s why it sold like hot cakes!
its a mix of Halo: Reach and ODST
Reach and ODST provide this story that's very compelling, kinda like family but not?
plus ODST's plot intertwine with halo 2 and the characters carry over to books and other games.
Sayburn wrote:
I know it was a short campaign but halo 3 odst won my heart I loved every second of it
I think halo 3 past was underrated in my opinion
I like either 3 or 4 the best.
3 because of all the different locations you get to go to and there was a good mix of action, story, and characters. I have a soft spot for 4 because it was my first Halo game and I really liked the story, Chief's development, and just the way it looks and plays over all
I loved Halo 4, since it was the first game I bought, I loved the story and game mechanics, ddn't try out most of the other games tho
I honestly love every single Halo game. I really do. Halo 1-2-3-4-5-Reach-ODST. But I would have to go with Halo CE, just because it was my first love, and it caught me off guard. 2001, I buy the Xbox and same game called Halo... Rest is history.
While I love each Bungie Halo game with all my heart, some do stick out to me more than others. With their final sendoff for the series, Reach, I knew which was my all time favorite. The one filled with loss and emoticon. With catharsis and sorrow both. Reach, the UNSC's heart, and the best of the series in my eyes.
Halo 3 because of the great experiences.

If we are just judging the games based on what's packaged with them rather than the experiences we had, Halo 2 probably outdoes Halo 3.

I assume you aren't including MCC...
Halo 3 is my favorite Halo game. Nothing can beat the custom games and the introduction of Forge. The community went so wild with that.

Halo Combat Evolved mostly due to Nostalgia feeling.
Loved the 2 too but had some point I hated so I'm not entirely sure. Halo 2 was funnier with a friend in coop tho.

Halo 3 ODST All the new characters and interesting story! the atmosphere Makes you feel very alone and feels very doomed and creepy. Plus I just like how the odst look!
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