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Favorite halo game and why?

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Halo 2 coz story 🤘
Hi everyone. I am new here. My favorite one is Halo: Combat Evolved.
ODST for the sake of the story and atmosphere that it had that I think was the most memorable and interesting compared to the other games. I'd say I also love 2 just as much for the same reasons.
My favorite thus far would have to be ODST, as it shows the war in the eyes of a not super soldier/alien guy.
All of them, for varying reasons.

I love Halo: CE because of the difficult but fair combat loop, the music, and the story that is easy to follow.

I love Halo 2 because of it's music, multiplayer, and compelling yet complex story.

I love Halo 3 because of the satisfying end to the original trilogy, and music.

I love Halo 3: ODST because of the atmosphere (supported by the music), and being able to play as an ODST for the first time.

I love Halo Wars because of the different yet familiar music, the cutscenes, the change from FPS to RTS gameplay, and general nostalgia. (fun fact, it was my very first halo game)

I love Halo: Reach because of, yet again, the music, the customization, and the improvements of Forge.

I love Halo 4 because of the deep narrative, and the music.

I love Halo 5 because of the Multiplayer, Forge, and Customs Browser. (also music)
ODST hands down, had the most unique experience and made you feel like a normal soldier, not some super powered Spartan.
Halo 2/3 are tied for campaign and multiplayer. ODST may be my favorite campaign though. That story and setting is so good.
H2 will always have a place in my heart because it basically started my journey playing Halo. But I think I spent more time and devoted more sweat & hours playing H3 multiplayer! Grinded doubles non stop with my buddy and soon will be doing the same when it releases on pc :D!
Halo 3 was also my favorite Halo game of all time and since ODST no offense the Halo series has completley changed for the worse. I am 25 years old and grew up with this game, I've spent atleast 5,000 hours playing Halo more than any other game ever still to this day. 343 Industries you guys need to stop trying to leave your mark on Halo and call the original creators up and have them help with the next title in the series also you need your whole team to watch The Act Man's video and actually work off of constructive critisim. It's heart breaking the game I loved more than all other games and the game that helped me make some of the best friends I've ever had I won't be able to share with my kids and let them experiance the world that their dad did and what made me a better person overall. Also the Skulls in Halo 3 that let you unlock really cool and different armor that wasn't in loot boxes or givin as cards was far superior. I hope one day I can buy a halo game and experiance the good days of the old where everyone had screenshots on their fileshare and the ending to Halo 3 where it was a rush after an amazing story where everythings going to hell and you feel as if you are finishing a long, difficult and exhilarating campaign thats coming to an end I will be waiting for the return of the True Halo.
Halo 1 made me fall in love with the series with the gameplay and atmosphere and story.

now I hated Halo 2 gameplay but the what I did like was the Story, the music is so good that even my mom bought both volumes cause she liked it so much.The art style and atmosphere of the all the levels (when ever i see Delta Halo or the level "Gravemind" My breath gets taken away) I would love to go to another universe to see what could have been with the "Stencil Engine".

Halo 3: The art style just seemed like an upgraded Halo 2 which is fine and the gameplay felt like what halo 2 should have been keeping the H1 style balancing but extending it to the new weapons/enemies.

Halo Reach: Like halo 2 i hated the gameplay and I didn't like the music all that much but it has the best vehicles designs in all of the games and best sound effects, and I liked the story.

Halo 3 ODST: This was the game that made me fell in love with the series all over again, it got rid of the sour/bitter taste in my mouth from reach's gameplay (cause ODST is just H3 with some tweaks) the best original music that wasn't past halo themes remixed again, going back to New Mombasa and walking around the abandoned streets at night with the sax playing was so good almost orgasmic. The story of squad mates trying to find each other and getting out of the city while explaining what was going on back on earth during the battle of installation 05. Everything about this game I love, if it were a girl I would have married her and have like 5 kids and live in a big house.
Halo 4, for quite a few reasons. The story in the campaign was more appealing to me compared to the others. While classic Halo games focused on action and a sort of fantasy fulfillment of being a hero, Halo 4 gave character and emotional stake to the Master Chief. The fact that he had dialogue, even during gameplay, made it feel more like a Halo novel and I really enjoyed that. There were also a few other conflicts that just made it feel more real, like how Captain Del Rio was a pompous -Yoink-. That added more conflict to it than the usual competent leaders we usually see in Halo, shook things up.

I really enjoyed the multiplayer, too. Loadouts made the game more fun because it allowed us to play in more ways than just "spawn with BR, fight for power weapons, betray teammates for the sniper." People love to compare Halo 4's multiplayer to COD, but they forget one crucial detail: COD is a twitch shooter. Halo 4 is still a tactical shooter at its core, like all the other Halo games. On top of that, Halo 4 irons out all of the gimmicks that I never really liked in the other Halo games.

All the classic Halo games had rather unbalanced weapon sandboxes, that obnoxious descope mechanic, and friendly fire. In CE, the pistol was miles above everything else, and the TTK is close to that of a twitch shooter. Halo 2 has a similar issue with its battle rifle. Not as bad as CE, but there are still a few quirks like button combos and lack of an indicator to tell you where you're getting shot from. Halo 3 is sluggish with its narrow FOV and slow-as-molasses projectile bullets.

In Halo 4, the only weapon I find that's hard to use is the Suppressor. Just about everything else is competitive. I'll take flinch over descope any day, and 343 was wise to take friendly fire out of the game. That all adds up to a game without any of the quirks that put me off in the old game. Just me, my gun and equipment of choice, and the battlefield. No need to worry about my bullets not landing because of projectiles, or getting melted in a split second by an exploit, or having less awareness than I should. It's just smooth as butter compared to the other games, in my experience, and a lot more fun.
I can't choose between CE, H2 and H3. Combat Evolved cause was one of the first games I played it was the creator of my love for Halo and xbox lol, was part of my childhood.
Halo 2 Really impacted me, I loved loved so much that game, it has so much elements that I appreciate, in first place the story of arbiter, at that time he become in my favorite character, and the simultaneous story with Master chief, so cool, reaffirm my love for Halo haha.
Finally Halo 3, this game has so many epic moments, sorry but im so sentimental, In fact I wish we could see some characters like Rtas Vadum, Lord Hood or again Thel Vadam on Halo Infinite
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