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Favorite Halo Multiplayer mode

OP ViperFabulous

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I have a couple of questions for the community. What is your favorite Halo multiplayer mode and why? Secondly, Which multiplayer mode you like the least and why? (All Halo games are included)
My favorite is either SWAT or BTB. I love BTB because it's feel more like a real battle, and SWAT is just easy for me and it's fun getting headshots left and right.
Breakout is my favorite and least favorite. I have a love hate relationship with it.
Big Team CTF. It's just so fun on maps like Blood Gulch or Valhalla.
Favorite - Infected (Reach style)
Least Favorite - Breakout
I love some H2 assault BTB
Halo 5 warzone, BTB, Halo 4 BTB, infection, and BTB for all other halo's! least fav arena for all halo's!
I am a Capture the Flag and Strongholds person. I really prefer team arena (though I'm so bad at Halo, that I'm that mythical Bronze 1 rank). I'm well aware my aim sucks, but I'm decent in my ranking at carrying flags unnoticed and capturing strongholds, mostly because if there's a firefight going on, I skirt around it, haha ;). Sadly, no one in my ranking really uses their mic, so it's a bit of a handicap when I need to say, "Hey, I have a flag, an escort would be nice!".

Conversely, this means I really dislike things like Slayer and Free-for-All since I can't land a hit to save my life. I won't touch Warzone. I have enough issues with boss creatures in campaign mode as is.
My favorites are Rumble Pit & Infection (Halo 4) and Slayer & Breakout (Halo 5 Guardians)
My favorite gametypes are Alpha Zombies in Halo Reach and btb. My least favorite is probably Breakout.
My favorite game has to be Capture the Flag. The balance of simultaneous offense and defense, the intensity of a neck-and-neck tied game, and the pulse-pounding from carrying the flag while under heavy fire, it's terrific.

My least favorite would either be breakout or SWAT. I don't like elimination style games and I don't like the twitchyness of SWAT.
Breakout is favorite and I hate basic team strongholds I like big team strongholds but not basic 4v4
Favorite are Swat, Slayer and Warzone Assault.

I would love Infected.
My personal favorite game mode is BTB, since it gives the complete Halo experience. As for Free-For-All, this game mode does the opposite in my opinion and is a least favorite.
SWAT and Infection
Infection and flood
I love Big Team Battle, so much fun
SWAT and Slayer for me :)
Infection, dominion, VIPs!
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