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Favorite Halo Vehicle

OP MetallicaFour

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If you had a favorite Halo vehicle, what would it be?
(Personally the Warthog will always be my favorite)
Revenant for me. Great mobility and amazing firepower, plus room for someone to ride shotgun. I’ve never had more fun in any other vehicle.
I will always have a soft spot for the Warthog. It's got so much versatility and modularity in its design.
Every variant of the warthog ranging from the base hog all the way to the Sangheili variant they're all great, my personal favorite is definitely the Gauss hog i don't know what it is about it but not only do i enjoy the look and sound its just a good variant game play wise.
I like the Halo 5 ONI Wasp even though it isn't in anything but the multiplayer. that doesn't mean that i dont like the chaingun and missile warthogs
Definitely the Ghost!
The hog brothers ride again!
It's always fun to destroy everything that moves in a scorpion. Otherwise flying in a banshee is also fun.
My favorite is H1 scorpion
Revenant. The mobility of a ghost, the firepower of a wraith
Warthog or the Scorpion
for me it has to the ghost, good speed and good suppressive fire
Tank beats everything.
I love the Warthog. When me and my best friend play I always drive and he always shoots. It works great every time. I also really love the Scorpion and Hornet from Halo 3.
The wasp ain't that bad but other game wise it be the ghost or warthog.
Does the MAC Cannon From Halo Reach count?

Haha, I joke, but in all seriousness, I'd like a mongoose for getting around in.

Edit: also the various races that used the mongooses were really fun
Hannibal Scorpion. Putting a Spartan Laser on a tank is ingenious not to mention the regular turret was a Gauss Cannon? In the Halo Wars universe though, it has to be the Vampire. "Stop them in their tracks."
The paper Banshee for sure.
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