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Favorite Kazuma-Composed Track?

OP Legobrick1000

With recent news that Kazuma Jinnouchi has left 343 Industries, let's take a moment to honor his work on some of Halo 4's tracks, and all of Halo 5's, by talking about your favorite tracks.

Mine's 117, from Halo 4.
It is a very difficult choice to make, there are so many good tracks I can name, but right now it might be 117, not just my favorite music from Kazuma Jinnouchi but maybe my favorite music from Halo.
Here's some from my point of view:
Arrival. When I think of Halo 4, that's the song that pops in my head. 117 too but that's just because they spam that track constantly.
I think 117,Arrival and Mantis are the best of his work.
Sacrifice, 117, Osiris Suite Act 3 are among my favorites but there are so many more...
Armour (the full version).

Don't like anything that came out of Halo 5 in terms of the soundtrack really.
Everyone seems to love The Trials, but personally, I find it absolutely butchered an amazing piece. It's like when a singer tries to cover a popular song in their own style but it ends up sounding like an utter mess. That's how I hear The Trials.
Osiris suite act 3 is my favroite. I aslo really like, jameson locke, walk softly, the trials, and meridian crossing
Probably 117. My second favorites song on that soundtrack.
My favorite has got to be Halo 4's "Awakening." After I heard it on Pandora while walking my dog, it was stuck in my head for the rest of the day, and the day after that. Amazing song.
Halo 4: 117, Mantis, Never Forget
Halo 5: Light is Green, The Trials, Blue Team, Walk Softly
117 easily