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First Halo Experience


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What was your first Halo experience?

My uncle sold me his xbox when it originally came out. I popped in Halo and instantly fell in love. The flood was terrifying to me then. I spent countless hours trying to beat the game. Mainly because I loved exploring the maps and killing my companions. Coop on Halo was a daily event with my brother and I.

Which Halo did you like the most?

Halo 2 was by far my favorite.

What was your favorite memory of Halo?

My friends and I creating custom games in Halo 2 just playing around. Zombies wasn’t an official game type then but it was a lot more fun on Halo 2 than any other Halo I’ve played.
I preordered my Xbox for Halo alone. I had been tracking it since it was announced as a Mac title. I don't think I went to school for the rest of the week. Beating Halo on Legendary solo was a badge of honour I wore proudly. ODST was my favourite campaign. Reach was my favourite multiplayer.
I’m interested in seeing if Halo for PC will have the spark to get this title back on its feet.

I preordered my Xbox for Halo alone. I had been tracking it since it was announced as a Mac title. I don't think I went to school for the rest of the week. Beating Halo on Legendary solo was a badge of honour I wore proudly. ODST was my favourite campaign. Reach was my favorite multiplayer.
Firefight in Reach was a game changer for me. It was a blast.
My very first halo experience was Halo 3, and then I fell in love with this universe.
Halo CE
Halo 3 back on the 360 then from there all the other Halo games.
I started off with Halo 2 back in 2004, with it being one of the first shooters I'd gotten interested in playing after starting off with Counter Strike. I ended up jumping back to play Halo: CE, and then began a deep dive into the extended universe stuff while playing through the rest of the series from that point onward.
I'm kinda young so I started halo with halo 3, and it is just so much memories for me.
Back then (around 2009) halo 3 was the first "real" game I played (before I only played -Yoink- minigames on the gamecube, we had none of the interesting games on the gamecube), and it just impressed me so much, we just got the 360, I was adapting to the controller, and the graphics blew me away, I was thinking "oh this is just like real life, it can't get better than this" and because I was 7 I was to dumb to continue the game so I just played it in one straight then restarted it the day after. again and again and again.
I played through the first 3-4 missions at least a couple dozens times. and the thing is I almost never played the multiplayer (except against my brother and sister) because I didn't have an xbox live account and when I did halo 4 came out, so of course I went on the game that all my friends all the other people online were playing. I later bought reach and that's where I spent most of my time with my friends, in forge doing some random -Yoink-.
Yeah so in short halo 3 is my favorite but that's just the best game of all time so I mean how can it not be so ?
I ended up buying Halo 2 in 2005 from the used section in GameStop and as hooked ever since.
I bought Halo 4 as my first and loved it, the proceeded to buy Reach and 2, never really finished the games like 3 and odst but looking foward to getting them on PC
My dad bought an Xbox in 2002. I was too young to be playing Halo at the time, but around 2004 (maybe 2003 but probably not) my dad and I started to play the CE campaign. The first level we played as actually Halo, not Pillar of Autumn (at my dad's suggestion, because he thought the Pillar of Autumn was a boring mission :P). So my first experience is playing the mission Halo in Halo CE, with my dad. I don't remember who was driving the warthog because I was 3 or 4, but I remember being flabbergasted by the beautiful environment.

My favorite experience was Halo 3 custom games in 2009-2010. I know that's pretty broad and covers a wide time span but what can I say. For whatever reason teens and adults enjoyed playing with me despite me being a little kid. Besides the occasional Xbox 360 death threat voice message we all got along well and had loads of fun. It was just the magic of that era. Nothing can beat it.
The Combat Evolved demo, which was packed onto a demo disc (remember those?) that came with my OG Xbox. Bungie made the right call making The Silent Cartographer the demo level, as opposed to the industry-standard Level 1.

I had never seen anything quite like that in a video game before, and it's likely I might not see anything that captures that feeling ever again.
My first Halo experience was when I went to a family gathering and my cousins had system linked two 360s playing H3, God it was so fun. After that I had to get an xbox.
What was your first Halo experience?

My first Halo experience was Halo: Combat Evolved on the Original Xbox. I can remember sitting down and playing through the campaign of that game over and over with those huge "Duke" controllers that came with the OG Xbox. I remember when I saw the ending of Combat Evolved for the first time I was so upset that the window looking into the cockpit of the Longsword cut-off the big reveal of Chief's face!

Which Halo did you like the most?

Halo 3 was definitely my all-time favorite Halo game. The multiplayer / forge community for that game was just amazing. I can remember just playing hours upon hours of custom games and BTB. Plus the H3 campaign was fantastic and the graphics were amazing for the time.

What was your favorite memory of Halo?

I don't have one specific memory that stands out, like I said earlier some of the most fun moments I have had in my gaming life were during the Halo 3 era, just playing tons of custom games with random people on Xbox Live. All of us screaming into our mics. and throwing banter back and forth. It was so much fun.
Played Halo 1 splitscreen at a family event. Was great. Wanted to play Halo every day after that. Then Halo 2 was big and it was so much better, and got Halo 2 on the PC for Windows Vista, then played Halo 3 on Xbox 360 and it just went from there.
The first halo game I played was Halo reach at my buddy's house. We played on legendary, I don't know why.
My first Halo was Halo 3, and i literally didn’t understand anything obviously but I actually enjoyed that as I got to find out more and more about the story, and the more I found the more I fell in love with the series.
I know usually jumping into a saga with such a late title would be frustrating but for me it was super fun, can’t really explain why.
It made the story seem mysterious and intriguing I guess lol.
Halo: Reach at my friend's house in 2013. He had invited me over to his place to hang out and we started to play. I wasn't impressed until we played Firefight on Holdout. I had so much fun on that map and it cemented my love for Halo.
I played with an action figure i stole from a kid in the sand pit at school......a year later i found out i was playing with master chief....
Combat Evolved, a very, very long time ago.
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