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Flood in future fire fight game mode

OP ParadoxInfinit3

I saw these ideas on Facebook the other day about a flood based, fire fight, game mode in future halo games. The first idea was as i just said, a flood based fire fight game mode. It wouldn't have to be exclusively flood in the game type, but they would be included. the second idea was that it'd take place in a city. this city could look something like the map boardwalk from halo reach. But i had an even better idea. what if we combined the ideas. The multiplayer game modes in the halo games are supposed to be simulations of combat situations right? so why not test the Spartans to the best of their abilities and simulate a city (probably small like the maps on halo odst) covered in flood in which flood would be randomly spawned throughout the map. i'm talking halo 3 High charity covered in flood. the objectives could range anywhere from firefight, to capturing specific locations around the map(s) for various reasons, or (some of you may not like this particular idea) maybe a new and improved spartan ops, in which you have to find where the flood are coming from and its story driven to maybe even find a gravmind near the end. There could be some really cool ideas done with this in my opinion.
Nah. I'd rather have the flood be gone forever, all they did was make the plot of the first three games extremely stale and the have the exact same endings and would do so to any new halo with hem in it.
The Flood were great 'non-zombie' zombies before that was the cool thing to do in video games. I'd love to see them return if done well, and even a Firefight-style simulation could probably pull it off well enough. With the species from the Covenant in disarray (some even good guys now), the Banished being fully contained to the Ark and the prometheans under the Created's control and already being what they are, would be cool to have 'fresh' enemies by going back to the beginning.
I don't think the flood should make a return for warzone firefight. They were the most uninteresting and repetitive enemies to fight in all previous games and adding them to a point-based game mode would only worsen the problem.