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Whether it be a campaign or multiplayer level, which level that is either unpopular or receives almost no recognition do you like?
I actually really enjoyed Quarantine Zone from Halo 2 given how simple it is to speedrun.
The Library from CE. It's the grindy-est, most repetitive level in all of Halo imo. But for some reason, I love playing it. You have to play it smart and methodically since Flood will spawn on all sides in certain parts. You can try out just about any weapon combo as well and get to witness some cool three way fighting among sentinels, Flood, and you. The occasional quips and exposition from Spark is fun to listen to as well. There's also one part of the level where you're trapped in a tiny room with dozens of Combat Forms and can do nothing else but clear them out, with almost no cover, before they take you down.
I don't know if it was disliked or just not voted often in the rotation but I really liked Epitaph in H3. Great for FFA Slayer.
I like playing on the level Sacred Icon. I know it's very slow and quiet. But I like the element of horror it brought and it leads into Quarantine Zone which is my favourite Halo 2 Level.
Oof, this is a tough one.

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for "Reclaimer" on H4. I hate the rest of H4 for the most part, and yet there's just something so satisfying about running in and out of a moving Mammoth, mowing through Covenant with all the most badass weapons.
I don't know why but a lot of people seemed to not like Boardwalk from reach but I loved it.

But then it seemed that everyone loved Corvette and I absolutely hated it.
breakout 2.0 from halo 5
The Halo wars mission "The Flood" was super but than i started to warm up to it and now i really like it
I'll tell you what, a lot of the hardest, most miserable, difficult missions on higher difficulties, are actually a lot of fun to play if you just lower the difficulty. Gravemind in Halo 2, Library in Combat Evolved, those are miserable on Legendary but pop it down to Normal or even Easy (yes, I am not ashamed, sometimes I play on Easy) and it's mindless fun, zillions and zillions of enemies to just zone out and shoot.
I feel like I'm the only one who actually liked Cortana from Halo 3. You really feel like you're in the belly of the beast, and seeing some of the areas you explored in Halo 2 completely infested with Flood biomass really serves to hammer home both how much of a threat the Flood is, and that the Covenant menace is well and truly defeated.

I see why people don't like it, especially from a gameplay perspective. From a narrative perspective though, I'd say it's my favorite part of the game.
Sacred Icon
I love killing the scarab in The Storm in Halo 3
Library. I like to play it when I need to think or escape, it's solitary and straight forward, so I don't really need to focuss on the game, I can just relax and think about stuff for a half an hour.
The Library
2 treasons Halo CE, a very long level and where all your enemies are
Halo 5 caught a lot of flak, but I've discovered I'm increasingly enjoying the Meridian oriented missions. It might be do to some of the lore extended literature that's been released since then, but only recently have I started exploring areas and discovering hidden weapons etc. They aren't super difficult, it's just I blew through the game and never really explored the level design.

I enjoyed cortana's painful crawl on legendary.
Shyy Panda wrote:
breakout 2.0 from halo 5
I agree, I understand how great Breakout 1 is now that I've played it but, if you open your mind you'll see Breakout 2 isn't that bad.
Two Betrayals from CE. While it's simply Assault on the Control Room in reverse I like how the Flood adds a new challenge to the levels. While AotCR was more stealth focused TB made those levels more hectic and fast paced.
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