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H5 esports 4 Xbox XS or PC???


I forgot where I was reading a topic about this same heading I made. But here we go. If h6 esports is for pc only how would everyone feel about that? In my personal opinion I really hope that h6 hcs is on the Xbox XS with maybe a opinion to play pc if they want but mostly focused for the new Xbox. I mean halo has always been a console game pretty much thats where it's made its name and made its fame and if 343 decided to take H6 Esports to PC only I personally would be VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED in 343. I think they have to stick to their new console as well what kind of message would it send if h6 esports was on pc only when the game has always been an Xbox exclusive. It would send a message that they don't really care that much than about there new console and aren't so serious as I thought they were taking this next Gen. Idk I hope halo esports sticks to the console and the Controller!! What do u guys think???
I would be kinda disappointed if the comp scene was PC only because I'm a console player and I enjoy watching pros on consoles more because I can appreciate the skill more with a controller. Don't get me wrong it's not like I think there aren't skilled players on PC, there's just a disconnect there when I watch them because they use mouse and I use a controller. Overall it'd still be very entertaining and I'd definitely still watch and enjoy it, I just like seeing Frosty pull off an overkill with the snipe on the thumb sticks thinking "wow I could never do that". There's just more respect and admiration there from me.
Hmm most likely I think tournaments will run on PCs with players being able to choose between a controller or MKB. Most FPS tourneys are on PC, and I think it would be smart for Halo to capitalize on those venues by running on existing hardware (Kinda like new sports teams moving into existing stadiums). Unless MS really wants to commit money to big tourneys so they can run on the Series X I don't see it happening.
I'd be extremely surprised if Infinite didn't have crossplay.