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Halo 20th Anniversary Wallpapers

OP snickerdoodle

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This year, Halo (and Xbox!) turn 20. That is absolutely wild to think about and, for many of us, Halo is more than just a video game. I will be forever grateful, and humbled, that I get to work on one of my favorite franchises and have even a very small part in shaping the future. If I could go back in time to when I was sitting on the floor with a Duke in my (very small) hands and tell myself, "Hey, one day you'll be working on one of these games." I'd have laughed myself out of the house.

But here we are.

By the way... We're celebrating with a press kit of some badass wallpapers for you! Grab your favorite one and stare adoringly at Chief all day. (What? Just me? Okay then.)

Happy (soon to be) birthday, Halo! And thank you for the memories, both past and yet to come. 🥂

4K Halo 20th


Twitter Banner, Halo 20th

Instagram square, Halo 20th

1080x1920, Halo 20th

1080x1920, Featuring CE Chief

1080x1920, Featuring Infinite Chief

Mobile Wallpaper, Featuring CE Chief

Mobile Wallpaper, Featuring Infinite Chief

YouTube Header, Halo 20th

Facebook Cover, Halo 20th
Can I just say 'wow' or is that considered spam?

Happy (almost) 20 years Halo! The artwork's awesome, can't wait to see what's in store!
These are actually so cool.
Well, I know what my phone background is going to be until Infinite comes out.

Keep the hype train building for the fall!
20 Years! A majority of my life has had Halo in it. This is amazing and keeps the hype alive! Halo Infinite will be the GOAT for 10 years +
Let's goooo! <3 Halo

Thank you for the images!
This is a great piece of artwork, and hopefully just the start of cool Halo goodies this year.

I know I already have the shirt and tumbler on order.
Let's gooo
These backgrounds are amazing.
Gracias al juego que me trajo tantas horas de felicidad y entretenimiento
I can not believe its been 20 years....I remember playing CE for the first time and falling in love with it... Now Infinite, so long as it has FOTUS it will probably be my fav game considering it will have better customization etc than previous Halo titles.
i love it :D
Keep up the Good Work 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
WOW! Thank you! 👍🏼
Awesome artwork thanks! Happy (almost) birthday Halo! Can't wait. Infinite and 10 more years, LET'S GO!
Colombia Ilove XBOX thanks for 20 ages 💚 and More!
This is also the month and year I turn 20 years. lol
congratulations halo for being the most remarkable saga I've ever played
and congratulations xbox!
20 years?? WOW!! Im 40 and ive been with Xbox and Halo every step of the way!! Lets go 20 more!!
i Have the same year of Halo happy bithday Halo! not just a game but a real Friend
117: UNSC Pillar of Autumn, the rest is history....................................
For a brick, it aged pretty goood.
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