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[Locked] Halo 4 GAEMS Giveaway

OP bs angel

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Less than 2 days antill john can start his next step in to a new world
Let's start the fight
Watching MLG Dallas n was looking on here in between matches . . . so i guess i would be a good idea to enter n get some free stuff!!!
Icanhas? Purrty please?
I can't wait for Halo 4!

"Feet First Into Hell"
So far Halo 4 looks like it was made AT LEAST as well as Bungie would have made it if not better. grats 343 industries. this little prize promotion is looking pretty good too, would you guys be so kind as to sign me up? ^_^. i'd like to say good luck to everyone, but i want this one for myself >:D
Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, Halo Reach and now Halo 4. My life is complete... anyways hope I win! playing on a broken tv now hoping I can win this! good luck everyone! see you on war games! :)
I miss the Arbiter already
It would be awesome to win... My gen 1 x box gave me the red ring of death not even a week ago... Just after Pre ordering halo 4... Hats in the ring... Good luck to all!!!
Where do I sign up?...
Oh I guess it's right here,
well in that case count me in.
Pick me! Pick me!
Halo 4 looks like one of the best Halos yet, So pumped
I just picked up the UNSC limited edition controller but I really wanted the controller that comes with the Halo 4 limited edition console!
Hey, thank you very much for the opportunity to take part in this competition and I’d like to wish all my fellow Halo Gamers “Good Luck”. I’d love to be chosen as a winner and –like just about everyone here- I’ll settle for any of the positions. However, I’ve never really won anything so I really do want to wish everyone here the very best luck. I really, really love the Halo franchise and my undying love for Microsoft itself is crazy. Again thank you very much for this opportunity. It’s great to know that 343 Industries are really making this game all it can be. For ease of contact my gamer-tag is; ‘Darkest Demon16. Good luck all!
I'd love to have a chance at winning this amazing giveaway! I already have my limited edition pre-ordered and sleeping will wait for a few nights whenever I receive this game. So stoked for the new trilogy to kick off! :D
Great stuff to compliment a great game and series. Me want.
Finish this game.

please let in this contest
Have been a fan since the original Halo on XBox, I'll be waiting at midnight for this one and haven't done that since Halo 3. This would just be icing on the cake, fingers crossed.........
I really want that console more than anything but that Headset drew me in as well.
solo quiero saber si sigue ahí, los dos sabemos la respuesta
halo se acabo, no, creo que acabamos de empezar
sabes lo que cuesta este equipo hijo?
el pregunto y yo respondí, por un momento de seguridad, deje suelta la perdición por las estrellas
me dejaron elegir, te lo conté alguna ves?
despierta me cuando me necesites
pues dejaron una para nosotros
vas decirme exactamente que es lo que buscan y luego, me ayudaras a detenerlos
me alegro de contar con tus habilidades, pero dejemos eso de lobo solitario, de acuerdo?
ese fue tu regalo
jefe, despierta, te necesito

han sido unos gloriosos 10 años,
halo ha sido el culpable de que sea un sicopata antisocial
y no podria estar mas gradecido

jonh, fue un honor trabajar contigo :')

realmente me gustaria ganar, o solo me sentiria como otro mexicano perdido por internet, que uso el traductor de google, para participar ._.

I just want to know if is still there, we both know the answer
halo is over, no, I think we just started
you know what it costs this team son?
he asked and I said, for a moment of safety, let loose destruction by stars
I had no choice, I told you ever?
wake me when you need me
they left one for us
you tell me exactly what they want and then help me stop
I'm glad to have your skills, but let's leave that lone wolf, okay?
That was your gift
Chief, wake up, I need you

have been a glorious 10 years,
halo has been the culprit to be a psychopath antisocial
and could not be more gradecido

jonh, was an honor to work with you :')

I really would like to win, or just feel like I lost another Mexican internet, I use google translator to participate ._.
Pick me!
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