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HALO 6 changes you want


comment on changes you want to be in Halo 6.
- Split Screen
- Dual weilding
Deeper spartan customization (like in reach)
Vote system & Rank system like H3
Grifball, Infection, Doubles, Snipers, Action Sack, (Social Playlists), Classic Gameplay mode playlists (no shoulder bash etc.), good Campaign, Gravity Hammer, Firefight.
I maybe want some snipers and maybe some better spartan customization
FIREFIGHT, Firefight and also how about firefight. Campaign commendations, scoring and par times. Earning req for playing Campaign. Being able to play as my Spartan in Campaign once I have gone through and completed it. Armor customization like Reach. Make Warzone 25-40% PvE instead of it now which is like 3-5% PvE. Do better with skipping cut scenes in the campaign. Release the game complete, add ons should not be features (like Forge for instance) that release later. Add ons should be multiplayer/Firefight maps and campaign missions. AI teammates either removed completely or at least way more useful then they are in H5.
I would like split screen, dual wielding, firefight, more game types, deeper armor customization, and earning reqs for non online features.
The addition of Spartan classes:
The choice between Spartan II, III, or IV
Each class could have different characteristics
  • II
  1. Bigger, stronger
  2. Weaker shield, more health
  3. loadout with BR/AR
  • III
  1. Smaller, weaker
  2. Little to no shield, full camo always
  3. Faster
  4. loadout with SMG/DMR
  • IV
  1. Same as III, slightly stronger
  2. Stronger shield, less health
  3. Slightly slower than III but faster than II
  4. loadout SMG/Pistol
A legitimate continuation of the Halo series after Halo 3. Not a mashup of multiple other games. So, no sprint, no armor abilities, no reticle bloom, no ironsight animations, an expanded Forge, a more expansive armory with more weapons, vehicles, and armors. Quality story writers that would write a quality story. A darker atmosphere similar to Halo 3 or Reach, where it seems that humanity is on the defensive and could be extinct at any time. That is what I want.