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Halo 6 to be more like Reach

OP UncleJake19

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I would like them to make a more emotional story that always keeps you on the edge. Reach did good on that even though it didnt follow the cannon. Also, Reach had a fantastic customization system. Like firefight voices and add on's to helmets! Halo Reach was great! I do think Halo 5 is a great game but i still think Reach may pass it by a small amount in my opinion!
I love
PvE in general, they should re add Ops or firefight
If they ever make anything close to that stinking pile of puked on sundried garbage...

Worst Halo game
Possible the worst shooter I've ever played. (Yep I seriously hated it that much)
What is your reason for hating it?
People feel like that have to say halo 2 is the best to fit the agenda of what a "true" halo fan is.

Halo reach was amazing, although it did have its faults but what fps doesn't ?
Halo Reach made me give up Halo...armor lock introduced random variables = garbage.
Halo 4 made me give up Halo. Armor lock was one of the least powerful abilities in Reach, even pre-343.
Lol that's just a wrong statement..... Oh I'm stuck.... AL
oh other guy has rockets AL
Sbout to get splattered....AL
Do I need to go on? It was BS
"oh other guy has rockets AL" Oh he popped AL i wait til its about to die and fire a rocket then he will be dead once it ends.
"Sbout to get splattered....AL" oh that guy has AL im going to avoid ramming into him.
Do i need to go on? there were plenty of counter's not my fault you people cant think.
I wasn't a big fan of Reach myself from a multiplayer standpoint.

Campaign was solid though.
On Hemorrage because there is Revenants, when I'm facing an Armor Lock user I usually boost towards him but stop before by using the stick (you can deplete the boost without make the vehicle move) , that often ended with the guy trying to dodge (after wasting armor lock) by jumping and this is the worst thing to do.

Don't even try to splatter someone when it's in his FoV.

The "Sbout to get splattered....AL" is BS by the way.
I agree, Halo Reach was my favorite halo to date. It wasn't perfect but it was amazing in my books. If they put the mechanics of Halo 5( movement, shooting, replace armor abilities etc.) and combine that with halo reach then Halo 6 would be the best halo every made.
Reach was by far the best and I'm gonna drop halo 5 like it's hot when halo reach makes it on backwards compatibility I think halo 5 is just awful no skill based armour unlocks no social based Playlist the game is not fun if you are playing casually and not hard core but reach it was more unique then 5 and had a much better story mode than 5 and the aiming was also allot better
The game has canon and has many flaws and was the first halo game I got maybe that's why I'm so attached to it

Yeah definitely why and yeah the ranking system was pretty bad, OH you held the ball for the whole game in grif ball lets give you 9000 Cr for no reason you totally deserve it
The game in my option io is still amazing
I would also like to see them bring back proximity voice and switching teams in game, I never understood why this function was even removed. The prox voice added a certain element of espionage to custom games and everything else and the switching teams in game should be a given either way.
In my opinion, Halo: Reach still stands as the best Halo game to date. Here's why:

Multiplayer: Halo: Reach's multiplayer introduced new, exciting game modes and armor abilities while also sticking to the game's core elements. (Now, I LOVE he armor abilities, so I think those should stay for the next Halo game.) The map design was phenomenal and no map was the same. The weapons were perfectly balanced (like Halo 5's).

Firefight: Firefight is a game mode I really miss. When MP got boring, I didn't have any Forge ideas, or campaign was already finished, I would revert to Firefight. The endless round and wave based gameplay was a blast, especially with friends. I think 343 should consider bringing Firefight back.

Forge: Halo: Reach Forge was incredible and it's only getting better, so I have no doubt it will be amazing in the next Halo game.

Customization: This is probably the second most important. This also coincides with the way you level up and acquire these items for customization. Being able to customize each individual aspect of your spartan's armor was a blast and I really miss saving up my credits to buy some specific armor piece that j wanted. I hope the leveling system and customization in the next Halo game are more like Reach's. (Not a huge fan of customization options being only in REA packs, but I do like the vehicle and power weapon aspects.)

CAMPAIGN: This is by far the most important item on this list. Reach' campaign was devastatingly emotional and incredibly action packed all at the same time. The music, camera angles, missions, and basically everything else in the campaign was absolutely gorgeous and I never had a second thought about replaying a level. Reach had an amazing story and I feel the Halo games have been lacking that. (I'm pretty fluent in the lore, so that's not a reason. I'm saying the actual story in the game and how you feel towards each action and death.) The campaign was so emotional and strong and it was the first time you really felt hopeless playing as a spartan. It was a good change.

Those are the reasons that I believe Halo: Reach was and still is the best game in the series. I hope 343i takes some of these things into consideration when planning for the next Halo. Let me know what you guys think!


PS: this took me a while to think about so please take the time to read it <3 (:
Below is all my honest opinion.

Multiplayer: I'm not a fan of armor abilities at all. I don't want them back with reach and If we had to have abilities of any kind, id rather they did it the way they did with 5. The maps for me where terrible and ripped right out of the campaign. The only map I kind of liked was the spire.

Firefight: I loved firefight and would like to see it return.

Customisation: I also agree that the way they did it in reach was the best. I don't like the req system in halo 5 at all because it all comes to luck. I don't like how there is no skill based rank system tho.

Forge: This was also the best in halo reach for me. However if forge in halo 5 works the way it's supposed too, then reach will drop to second.

Campaign: I'm sorry but reach had the worst campaign to me. The story completely ****s up everything already established and completly S***s on everything the fall of reach already established and completly ****s up the lore since 343 treats both reach and the fall of reach as cannon, I couldn't get attached to the characters because they weren't developed enough to me and I just shrugged off all their deaths. Say halo 5's story sucks all you want but at least it didn't screw up the cannon. The gameplay is ok but not as good as other halos. The only missions I find myself replaying are the sabre one and the final mission where you survived as long as you can.
When I played Reach, the best maps were all from Forge, which look the exact same. Spartan Abilities were absolutely terrible for competitive play and the bloom on the DMR was too random. I am not saying I didn't have fun in Reach, but I really don't think it is the pinnacle of the series by any means.
Remove the screwed up canon and say again, I'm curious.

Because I love playing coop campaign.
There isn't a single game in the Halo Series I enjoyed as much as Reach and Halo CE, and I lean a bit more towards Reach.
Halo Reach made me give up Halo...armor lock introduced random variables = garbage.
I played reach for like 2 days (not game time, actually 2 sessions) and 100% jumped ship from Halo lol. I heard it got better after no sprint no bloom but the damage had already been done for me.
I could play the Halo 2's campaign a lot of times, never tired of this...

"Do not open until Christmas ! "

"Do the moonwalk ! "

And Marines quotes are too good.
Halo reach was my favorite halo in the series
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