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Halo 6 to be more like Reach

OP UncleJake19

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The only problem Halo reach ever had was when 343 took over and broke the balance and added their craptastic maps.
Reach Loved it :)
Yeah, I wish. That is all I have to say on the subject
Reach was a masterpiece.
I did enjoy Reach, but I do see where a lot of people wouldn't.

From a story standpoint, 5 has seemed pretty strong (if retconning a couple things and railroading others), and the community seems to be given a lot of power, what with the playlist selections and the much-improved forge coming next month... Past that, the only other things that Reach did better imo (like armor customization) are things that are more-or-less matter of preference, a la armors and armor abilities and the like. I've only played the campaign of 5 so far, and I definitely like this a bit more than 4 after having had time to warm up to it. Will miss the likes of Dominion and Husky Raid, though...
Viciousnes wrote:
The only problem Halo reach ever had was when 343 took over and broke the balance and added their craptastic maps.
That was literally the best part.

(Not counting DLC because I never got Reach's DLC...) BTB ended up with what, like 15 maps in rotation? And patched DMR bloom too?
- Spire/Cragmire
- Boneyard/Graveyard
- Hemorrhage
- Rasu
- Delta Facility
- Asphalt
- Abridged
- Utopie/Paradiso
- Wayont
- Trident
- Mt. Lam Lam
- Renegade

Reach had MASSIVE support. If I counted maps no longer in rotation and DLC it'd easily be 30.
I hope.
Wait, now that I think of it, Reach was the most generic Halo we have got so far.

You could swap its characters for any of any CoD game and it would still "work". The only thing that differentiated it from others was those (-Yoink- awful) Armor Abilities.
Halo Reach made me give up Halo...armor lock introduced random variables = garbage.
Armor lock if used right was actually pretty cool, could turn a battle pretty quickly.
I didn't like reach it felt like an incomplete evolution halo 4 finished said evolution and I loved it but from what your saying you want halo 6 to be like halo 5 but with firefight like reach.
Reach was amazing and i would have to agree the story from the Spartan III's was really emotional and that ending was brilliant, but I'm really enjoying the new system in Halo 5, i would like a bit more customization in my weapon loadouts but its not a major biggie just forces me to be more versatile in my game-play, i think that for Halo 6 they should just build on what Halo 5 is currently doing.
If by Innovation, and Amazing forge and customization and Amazing level design and a good story and the best and most diverse weapons sandbox in the series, and BLODDY MACHINIMA SUPPORT (Dammit 343 why is that so hard to ask for?) then HELL YES, Reach was my favorite Halo

if by Armor Lock and Bloom and plotholes and a mostly boring cast and Satanic teamate AI that's out to kill you then please no
WOW! I never expected to get this many replies! I want to thank everyone that expressed their opinion and made this a popular topic! 343 is sure to see what everyone has been saying and will take our suggestions into consideration!
In my opinion, Halo: Reach still stands as the best Halo game to date. Here's why:

Multiplayer: Halo: Reach's multiplayer introduced new, exciting game modes and armor abilities while also sticking to the game's core elements. (Now, I LOVE he armor abilities, so I think those should stay for the next Halo game.) The map design was phenomenal and no map was the same. The weapons were perfectly balanced (like Halo 5's).

Firefight: Firefight is a game mode I really miss. When MP got boring, I didn't have any Forge ideas, or campaign was already finished, I would revert to Firefight. The endless round and wave based gameplay was a blast, especially with friends. I think 343 should consider bringing Firefight back.

Forge: Halo: Reach Forge was incredible and it's only getting better, so I have no doubt it will be amazing in the next Halo game.

Customization: This is probably the second most important. This also coincides with the way you level up and acquire these items for customization. Being able to customize each individual aspect of your spartan's armor was a blast and I really miss saving up my credits to buy some specific armor piece that j wanted. I hope the leveling system and customization in the next Halo game are more like Reach's. (Not a huge fan of customization options being only in REA packs, but I do like the vehicle and power weapon aspects.)

CAMPAIGN: This is by far the most important item on this list. Reach' campaign was devastatingly emotional and incredibly action packed all at the same time. The music, camera angles, missions, and basically everything else in the campaign was absolutely gorgeous and I never had a second thought about replaying a level. Reach had an amazing story and I feel the Halo games have been lacking that. (I'm pretty fluent in the lore, so that's not a reason. I'm saying the actual story in the game and how you feel towards each action and death.) The campaign was so emotional and strong and it was the first time you really felt hopeless playing as a spartan. It was a good change.

Those are the reasons that I believe Halo: Reach was and still is the best game in the series. I hope 343i takes some of these things into consideration when planning for the next Halo. Let me know what you guys think!


PS: this took me a while to think about so please take the time to read it <3 (:
The rank system in reach was complete -Yoink- lol
IMR4N4T0R wrote:
Halo Reach made me give up Halo...armor lock introduced random variables = garbage.
Is there another reason why people think Reach is bad besides armor lock?
Jet Packs and the ranking system was complete trash. Not having a BR was depressing. You really can't compare Halo Reach to 2 or 3, -Yoink- it can't even stand up to CE lol
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet Ninety :D
I Loved Halo Reach with the credits system and saving up to buy Emiles Helmet
Halo reach was garbage end of story
Sprint, classes, bloom,...Reach was the beginning of the end of Halo! F*** Reach, H4 & H5!
H6 will be H5 + wallrun...R.I.P. Halo!
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