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Halo 6 to be more like Reach

OP UncleJake19

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My two cents.
I for one like armor ability's and wish for their return halo MP is boring as -Yoink- without them.
I liked bloom it was actually realistic ever heard of short controlled bursts?
Customization? I don't even need to speak about this it speaks for itself.
Also reach firefight and infection FTW
P.S. no need to bring armor lock back tho just the others.
Quantum240 wrote:
LOL all the hate on Reach.... Reach was by far the best Halo game.

No, it wasn't completely balanced and all, but any decent player was capable of countering any imbalance. For instance, a lot of people here complain about armor lock. I've lost my fair share of vehicles to the armor ability, but I quickly learned how to approach potential armor lock situations with caution and not get myself killed. Armor lock was the armor ability to weed out reckless, unskilled drivers. As for jetpacks, I never really had much difficulty dealing with airborne enemies. Personally, I always preferred sprint.

The release maps weren't amazing by any means (save Forge World), but some of the DLC maps were cool.

I'd like to actually get a UNSC flying vehicle again.... It's a shame 343i doesn't seem to understand that a ton of people want another Hornet or Falcon. Personally, I'd prefer the Falcon over the Hornet, but I don't see why we can't have both!

Now, onto the campaign. No, the campaign did not follow the books which some of you choose to term 'canon'. This cracks me up every time, as Halo was originally made as a video game, not a book. The books were not written by Bungie or by Microsoft, thus they are not canon. The Halo series is a series of video games, not books. The games themselves take the priority form of canon. Halo Reach's campaign was an incredible story, one I personally prefer over the Halo: The Fall of Reach book (yes, I have read it). Plus, I was happy to play a game that wasn't focused on the Master Chief, but rather my own character.

I agree with OP completely. I miss the customization options in Reach. I was excited to see that 343i released Noble 6's armor set (my personal all-time favorite) for Halo 5, but very disappointed to know that I'd have to play the hell out of that game to hopefully get it (I'm in college, so I sadly don't have that kind of time). Hopefully Halo 6 will be much more like Reach. If not, I really hope there will be a Halo Reach Anniversary.
"The books were not written by Bungie or by Microsoft, thus they are not canon."
Ok pal, sure.
Lots of people hate Reach but, a lot of people also like it. For me I loved Reach especially the Campaign, it was emotional, gritty and done extremely well at least in my opinion.
Forge was great, I spent hours upon hours playing community maps and hosting lobbies to play with friends and others. My lobbies were usually full and it was great because I love making maps (at least with Reach's forge UI) and I loved playing them with others.
Reach had so many playlists so, you never really got bored and I loved it.
Firefight was okay, I guess but I wasn't really a big fan.

Reach's ranking system was done right, and you know that because you were probably pretty intimidated when and Inheritor or Mythic was in the lobby.
The customization had a lot of things other players wouldn't notice but hey, you got to make your spartan feel more like your own. Also, the visors actually meant something back then.
Also, don't tell the Chief this but I think Spartan-B312 made a better protagonist.

Anyway, just my two cents.
- Lynx
Halo reach was not my favorite I would focus on the classics like h2,h3, and CE which seems to be everyones favorite. I feel I don't need all the thrusters and sprint etc. would just love a great FPS game.
Reach needs to be remastered and 60fps. THAT would be amazing. I bought the backwards compatible Reach and it looks like garbage, and framerate absolutely blows.
Armor abilities killed Reach's multiplayer, and its campaign was even worse. 5 years later, I still don't understand why this closest-to-objectively-bad-that-I-can-imagine shooter is hailed as even passable, let alone the best in the series.
I know right? Im completely dumbfounded as to why people liked it as much as they did.
Well you see, and this might be difficult to understand, but some people have different opinions than you and prefer to look past armor lock and at the good aspects of a game.
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