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[Locked] Halo 6 wishlist

OP AlliSnake

What does everyone want in Halo 6 besides a good campaign? (Endgame, mode, features, etc.)
I would like to see:
1. Classic Firefight (ODST version) where you can have unlimited waves. So many memories of my brother and I playing for hours.
2. Armor sets that look worn and rusty (like Reach's armor). Not shiny.
3. Classic and cool looking armor sets. Not awful ones (example: Bubble helmets that has no visor at all)
4. more color customization. Maybe a color wheel.
5. UI: I really really want the UI to look "futuristic" like the old UI concept for Halo 5 did. It was way better than what we have now which is just old and boring.
6. while in lobbies, being able to see other players' spartans and see their customized armor (like in Reach)
7. Spartan Ops. I know people didn't like it back in Halo 4 but I really did. It just wasn't executed very well. I would like see them do it again but better than before and make it harder rather than "go here to defend, kill or extract"
Tell me your wishlist Spartans! :)
Feel free to use any of the existing wish list threads, thanks :)