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Halo Fan-Game in Need of Coders

OP Progo7

Installation 01 is a made-from-scratch Halo Game for PC, a free and community based game open to all. Our objective is to have a free Halo game that plays like Halo 3, but contains elements from any or all Halo games. Thus far, we've been making great progress with the creation of a testable version. But the slowest, and possibly hardest part is putting it all together in Unity Engine, so we need more coders.

Are you a coder? Do you like Halo?
Then join up! There is no money involved, but there is the excitement of helping build the ultimate homage to the Halo series!

A strong skillset in C#
Know how to use Unity

Nice to have skills:
Experience with Git source control

Comment below if you are interested, our Unity guys are watching the thread.
Even if you don't know anything about code, feel free to ask questions about the project!
Good stuff, and I'm the Project Lead on this gentlemen.