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[Locked] Halo-ish Username?

OP Cobalt Impurity

Going to change my name on League of Lenends (Sorry) to something Halo refrency. Something like Installation 04 or 343 Guilty Spark. Any suggestions?
Mendicant Bias would sound pretty cool (He's a monitor like 343 Guilty spark), or Penitent Tangent would be cool. (Another monitor)
Your profile picture is a grunt, so call yourself Yayap
How about SpartanLoL?
Offensive Bias?
Food Nipple
My current user name is Halo-ish

Theron Nett
Demonic Didact
Mendicant Bias
Evil Forerunner
Reclaimed Halo

That's all I got...
ZnaZanZ wrote:
Food Nipple
Lol yes.
MCPO Halo 117
Dented Pigeon.
An unsightely brute.
Johnsons cigar.
Master Chief ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Commander Palm-Her? :\
ZnaZanZ wrote:
Food Nipple
Maybe instead of directly using a currently established canon name, try to create your own Halo character and use that name? Otherwise, it seems a bit "forced." For instance, my name is referencing the Witcher 3, but its a combination of a witcher sign and the main antagonist's name. Maybe find something you like about Halo and try to use that in your name.
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