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Halo Legendary Loot Crate


Hello Everyone, Who here has decided or has ordered their Halo Legendary Loot Crate. I ordered my crate a month ago which I am hype to receive. Will you be getting the Halo Legendary Loot Crate?

Thanks! - C.T.
I thought about it but I won't be getting it. I'd rather just use that money to buy stuff I want as opposed to an assortment of stuff I may or may not want.
I got caught up in the enthusiasm for it, and I ordered it. If it does not appeal, I will cancel the sub.
What kinda stuff do you get!?
I want it so bad, but I ain't got that dolla dolla bill yo.
Only got the 3 box option. Hope there's some naval models in some of them (ala Dark Horse's 7 inch Truth and Reconciliation model).
BL0ODY JAW wrote:
What kinda stuff do you get!?
I am not too sure, but it we should all know that it comes with a collectible figure statue (Red vs. Blue). I just know it will come with a shirt and other exclusive items.

The figure has been revealed and can be seen by going to Other then that we also revealed the hoodie on our special Reddit AMA live stream on facebook. The stream also talked a bit more about what to expect from this crate, so if you want to see the hoodie and learn more about the crate you can check out the stream here:
Ordered all 12 months the day the crate came out. I am very enthusiastic about Halo merch lol.
If you want a general idea of what to expect from future Halo Legendary Crates you can check out this picture of what came in the first crate that landed early September.