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OP MrWummzy

We have hit a point where the hardcore console fandom has died to all time low and population in the xbox version is a problem in some parts due to the animosity towards the 343 halo games, the fact that all games are played on MMC and all game modes separating players...and that the xbox did no do to well in this generation leading to a very separated player base. I think its time we see halo evolve into the "FAIR"/ "FUN" competitive game it was when H2/H3 were the biggest things in the world. Halo 3's root design is what made it so big...each map was hard designed around the scope in range of the Battle rifle...

Your team has yet to fix the "Scope-in bug" a problem in H3 MCC that makes shots less accurate when you scope-in This in part ruins Halo 3 from its core...each map is tailored to fit the 25m hip-fire RRR "Red reticle range"...Being Knocked out of scope at these ranges would cause your spread to increase allowing players to move across BTB maps and lanes in safety if they knocked the attacker out of scope. This core of design is carried in every Halo 3 map...cover to cover all maps are designed with these ranges in mind. Having sprint, mantle and dashes not only heightens peekers advantage but makes map design more difficult and overly complicated for players and designers.

Bullet magnetism is the BIGGEST problem for halos future...For halo to succeed it NEEDS to cater to the PC player base. PC is a much bigger platform than the Xbox now and this next generation is already predicted to not do to well because of the inflated console prices. If Bullet magnetism is not removed from Halos precision weapons PC players will not play the game.

In Halo 3 in particular you can get head shots on the lower chest and hit shots when not aiming at the person with the Battle Rifle. This is unacceptable in a MODERN PC FPS. I understand that you do not wish to go against your already dedicated controller fan base..But understand that Halo is bigger than the numbers it has now. It transcends the Xbox one and all gamers know the name and will play the games. Catering to the controller users at this point is detrimental to the success of halo in general.

Halo 3s core game design is more competitive and "FAIR" than every shooter on the market and it has the potential to be one of the biggest PC competitive games of all time...."IF" you fix these problems...

*Bullet magnetism on precision weapons has to go. (Battle rifle, Pistol, H5 sniper, Carbine etc.) This causes registration around walls and lowers the skill cap of the game overall.

*Auto aim for controllers needs to be reduced. This doesn't need to be removed but we all know that it takes more effort and skill to play on a mouse. The "TRACKING" of the auto aim is too strong. It is "NECESSARY" for controller players to function but they do not "DESERVE" to be raised up the the highest tier against PC players who play 20 hours a day and use adderall like vitamins. They do not put the effort in so why should they be rewarded? The PC players DESERVE to do better because they are trying harder...end of story. Reduce the "Grabbing and holding" of the auto aim and make it softer of a lock so more input is required on the stick to stay on target.

*FIX THE FRAME PACING AND UNLOCKED FPS The game still updates the environment and animations at 60 fps making the game unplayable on 240hrz monitors. Multiple "after images" are visible on players who are strafing making it hard to understand where to shoot when firing at range or in general. I understand that reach is one of the more difficult games because the the ram cashe and other problems with the 360 port. But Halo 3 will be just as difficult because of that games lighting engine its optimization will be difficult...but H3 is very important to the success of halo overall. If the Port for H3 is not "PERFECT" Halo Infinite's success will suffer.

Halo REACH's mouse input is still not up to par with other PC shooters. It is "glide y" and "slow" compared to games like CS:GO< Overwatch <Apex <Fortnite<Modern warfare. Play any of those games for 10 mins then swap to reach and the difference is immediately noticeable.

My final thoughts on this are that we are ready for halo to become the big name it use to be...and the console fans who have stuck threw the bad are big "fans"...but they do not understand what is necessary for the game to succeed on PC or in general. The player base is small and does not need to be catered to anymore...Alienating those people might be hard...BUT it is what is necessary for the game to become bigger. I played halo on console for almost 20 years. But I also swapped to PC in 2011 and and only plugged in the box for halo after that. So I understand both sides...and PC is just a bigger market now...They are not feeling like the game is a true PC game and they feel like the game is catering towards controller users witch are not even competing in the sport of PC and mouse aiming. You are aliening the most important market and coming out and drawing a line in the sand and standing up for PC at this point is one of your best options from a marketing standpoint.

*Also s1 to s2 in not possible on the keys...idk why maybe has something to do the way WASD moves your feet. It cant catch the tree the same way the axis can...idk you guys probably cant fix that but what ever its just a another free advantage the controller gets over the mouse for no reason.