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Halo with mouse and keyboard

OP TossinSocks

I wonder how different Halo gameplay will be with people using mice and keyboards. Will it be harder or easier? I'm sure you'll be able to plug in a controller, but how do you think 343 will balance this?
Last I heard they are really trying to balance kb/m and controller inputs for the PC release. How it will turn out in the end we will have to wait and see for ourselves I guess.
As far as shooters go, using m/k will always be easier than a controller. Now if you've been using controller for a long time and never used m/k, the transition will feel weird and you'll most likely be worse than you were on controller for a while, but once you get over that weird feeling and your muscle memory kicks in, you'll no doubt be better than you were on controller.

As far as balancing it I think 343i will implement controller input matchmaking. Meaning whatever you're using you'll get matched with.
It will be great with m/k. It takes a little getting used to, but that is THE way to play a fps. I wish the team would patch in k/m support to the XBONE version of MCC. Aiming is much more intuitive with the mouse. As others said above, it'll be a lobby thing. Might mix the two inputs in certain social lobbies, but when it comes to ranked, it wouldn't be fair.

I think an interesting question to ask is, will we ever see button remapping for the controller? That could be a gamechanger.
More Assist
It would feel like this:
Halo CEA: like Halo PC
Halo 2: like Halo 2 Vista
Halo 3: like Halo Online
Halo Reach: I dont know
Halo 4: basically the same as Halo 2
I think it'll be superior. But as far as I'm aware a lot of crossplay debates tend to frowns on it as it puts sticks users at a disadvantage. Whether or not this is entirely accurate is up for debate as I know people that have slayed with controllers on crossplay games. But honestly I do feel that you'll never achieve the accuracy from sticks that you can from mouse and keyboard. Plus all the hotkeys you can have now days on keyboards AND mice?! My thumb can literally do most things without moving more than a few centimeters as where on controllers it'll jump from the right stick to the myriad of buttons. Granted I don't play claw but still. I think they're a few exceptions to the case though when it comes to game genres.
it will take some getting used to, but pc aim will be absolutely crazy once people get the hang of it.
If you have played a lot of FPS games with a mouse and keyboard, you will be fine. Most likely, people who are used to FPS PC gaming will probably be getting ridiculous kill streaks anyways so better start practicing now if you are used to a controller. Even with aim assist for a controller, mouse and keyboard could still win depending on the experience of the user. For instance, mouse and keyboard users can turn around faster and react faster to incoming danger. We shall see though once the game is live.
The vehicle movements need a bit of tweaking though for PC. Halo 2 for windows vista had terrible Banshee control for the keyboard/mouse.
In the case of FPS, a good kb&m combination always beats controller when player has got used to them.
But what controllers are better for is real life social gaming in which they are easy to use whereas kb&m is better for singleplayer and online multiplayer experiences if the goal is optimal win, k/d or similar ratios.

So controller, easy to play games with multiple players in the same room, perhaps add a bit of immersion with vibration that usually resembles "kick" of the gun or explosion in the case of FPS games. It's a bit more inaccurate which is enforced if the vibration setting is on while it's in most cases much slower than kb/m combination too.

Kb&m is more accurate & faster system but it lacks IRL social gaming aspects or at least makes them harder to achieve.

So which system is better is up to the person, both take time to get used to so that is not a differing factor for either.
I've played Halo CE on PC, and as far as I'm concerned, the gameplay doesn't change much, however, my aim is better when using a controller