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Halo x-over with other licences

OP Ivannov Maximof

I am one of the people who did like the Ninja gaiden suit x-over on Halo 3. I also think that the glimpse we get of Mster Chief's face at the end of Halo 4 strangely resembles Big Boss's recent renders of his face; which imo begs the question, would a x-over with Metal gear be so far-fetched? And of course, the most common one would be, will we ever get to see a star wars clone trooper armor set?
They could even have an iron man armor set, or even a guyver, or mazinger z one.
To be honest... not really. Are you talking about full fledged crossover with the same exact design or sort of resembles it like the Venator Helmet to Issac Clarke?
I would think adaptation.
Personally, I hope it doesn't go any farther than Hayabusa in Halo 3. Although I'd like to see it return, I thin any other crossovers would harm the immersion of the games and the feeling of being in the Halo universe.