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Happy Thanksgiving everyone

OP TheDarkSpartan

At this time of year, i'd like to take a moment and just say Happy Thanksgiving to all the Halo gamers out there.
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm thankful for Bungie, 343, and the Halo community giving me all these awesome experiences and memories over the years!
Happy Thanksgiving! As a middle child, I make a point to appreciate the middle child of American holidays (don't put up your -Yoink!- Christmas decorations until after you've carved the turkey!). Very thankful for finding a community that obsesses over Halo like I do
Happy thanksgiving to you as well.
Happy Thanksgiving :-) Obviously very thankful for all things Halo!
Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving y'all
Thankful for Bungie, 343 and Halo giving me great times for almost 2 decades
happy thanksgiving and comedic hermit i see you every where
Happy Thanksgiving! Don't burn yourself trying to fry a turkey! And drive careful!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving buddy, and happy holidays for next month!
Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone got a chance to play some Halo tonight.